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The Latest Games We Want Now

With both Xbox and PlayStation’s new machines around the corner, more and more games are announced for the next-gen consoles. Some practicable announcements have been made but some have been so mind-blowing that we can’t think of anything else. These are just some of the games we can’ wait to get our hands on.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 was a fantastic game that truly captured the feeling of being everyone’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. With great web-slinging action and a wonderful story that remained true to the original Peter Parker, the game set a very high standard for future superhero games. Spider-Man: Miles Morales is an expanded version of the game that will add in fan-favorite Miles Morales as the new Spider-Man. This expanded edition will let you fast-travel across New York almost instantly thanks to the blisteringly fast new SSD the PS5 comes with and expect swinging through New York to be even more beautiful than before.

Halo Infinite Screenshot Hologram Explosion

Halo Infinite

What would a new Microsoft console be without a brand new Halo game, and the Xbox Series X consoles will be no different. The very first game to be announced for the new console, Infinite will see the return of series mainstay and all-round badass Master Chief. Halo Infinite (like all exclusive Xbox game Studios titles) will use the new Smart Delivery feature. That means you only have to purchase the game once, and you’ll have the access to the best available version for whichever Xbox console you choose to play on. So far not much has been revealed about the game itself but be sure it will be the best-looking Halo game ever. 

Horizon: Forbidden West

The original Horizon Zero Dawn set a new standard for open-world games on the PS4, with an incredible story and beautiful graphics. Horizon: Forbidden West will continue that on the PS5 and what we have seen so far might just be the best looking game ever. In terms of gameplay, it will play very similar to the previous game, an open-world epic across glistening beaches and vertigo-inducing mountains. We can’t wait to take control of Aloy and hunt down massive robotic elephants and turtles in the next-gen spectacle.

Hitman 3

A very pleasant surprise when Sony revealed the PS5, Hitman 3 looks set to continue the formula of the two previous iterations. Which in itself is very exciting. The Hitman series has seen a revival when it moved to the more episodic gameplay and IO Interactive have outdone themselves in placing you into the shoes of the most dangerous and bald assassin, Agent 47. The game will finish up the World of Assassination storyline that began with the series 2016 reboot and the gameplay set in Dubai looks amazing. Agent 47 infiltrates a skyscraper by scaling the outside against the desert backdrop and donning the various disguises the series is known for.

Demon’s Souls

There have been rumors floating around for over a year now on the remaster of the game that started the whole Soulsborne craze, and finally, we have confirmation that Japan Studio and Bluepoint Games are completely remaking the PS3 classic from the ground up. For fans of Bloodborne and Dark Souls this is a dream come true as many missed the original game on PS3, plus based on the quality of Bluepoint’s previous games this promises not to only look beautiful but be as punishing as ever.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

The original Vampire game was released for PC way back in 2004, it was a broken mess of a game yet it’s charm and originality hit a chord with gamers and turned it into an instant cult classic. So when the official sequel was announced fans all over the world rejoiced. The game looks incredible and with the promise of more in-depth stories and vampire dramas, Bloodlines 2 promises to be one of the best RPGs for the next-gen consoles. 

Ghostwire: Tokyo

When you talk about horror video games, the name Shinji Mikami is the first name to pop up in conversation, since he was the man that brought us the wonderful Resident Evil series. His new game is Ghostwire: Tokyo, a PS5 exclusive that sees the city of Tokyo 99% depopulated by a paranormal occult event, leaving malevolent spirits to savage the city and its survivors. It has all the hallmarks of modern Japanese horror, down to creepy schoolgirls and faceless umbrella-yielding spirits dressed like they’re going to work at a Neo-Tokyo bank right out of Akira. 


Arkane Studios is synonymous with the much-lauded Dishonored series and with Deathloop they take that winning formula and drench it in 70’s style. In Deathloop, you play Colt, enemy number one on the party island of Blackreef, and you’ll have to sneak and shoot your way past eliminating eight targets that keep you locked in death loop, as well as fending off an assassin coming to take you down. It oozes style and the renowned Dishonored gameplay, so Deathloop is shaping up to a pleasant surprise coming to next-gen consoles.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2

The first Hellblade game was an epic look into mental health and the challenges set within it, all wrapped in the epic story of Senua who goes to the deepest parts of the underworld set in Norse mythology. Not much is known so far of the sequel, but we can only imagine the wonderful and disturbing tricks this game has up its sleeve utilizing the next-gen console power.

Resident Evil 8: Village

One of the biggest surprises at the Sony PS5 reveal was the next-gen bound resident evil game, Resident Evil 8: Village. Returning to its creepy European roots from the Resi 4 era, it keeps to the first-person perspective from the seminal Resi 7 and it looks terrifying. From werewolf-like monsters to the return of Chris Redfield, Village looks to continue the resurgence in Capcom’s fantastic games over the last few years. Expect the usual tense environments filled with pants-wetting jump scares.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

As much as people relate the Playstation to great games like Uncharted and God of War, Ratchet and Clank have been a console mainstay for over 18 years and with the announcement of a brand new Ratchet game, gamers of all ages got very very excited. Rift Apart looks like a Pixar film coming to life. A colorful, platform-shooter hybrid, it was perhaps the best example of the PS5’s new SSD storage system. The new game will feature the same over the top guns as well as the crazy humor present in previous games.


It’s no surprise that the world’s biggest game right now will be coming to the new consoles and when Epic announced it’s next-gen release very few people were shocked. However, the reason everyone is excited is the brand new elements Epic can bring to this behemoth of a series. Better graphics, bigger worlds, and even more ludicrous live shows all thanks to the power of the new consoles. Don’t expect a massive overhaul of the battle royale formula, but in this case, bigger will always be better.


Ever wondered what it would be like to live and play an H.R. Giger nightmare? Well, then Scorn might just be the game for you. Announced at the Xbox Series X reveal, Scorn looks horrific and in the best way possible. The visuals are jaw-dropping and heavily inspired by the Alien universe, although it is not an Alien game. Details on the game itself are scarce at the moment, but a first-person horror game set within the nightmarish world of Giger has got every horror fan excited.

Bright Memory Infinite

When this was shown off at the Inside Xbox stream people were blown away at how amazing it looked, yet the biggest shock came when it was revealed one person designed it. It was actually mind-boggling how one person could code and design such an amazing looking game. It has a very sci-fi feel, but with swords and shields mixing with assault rifles and a magical grappling hook. There are even futuristic car chase sequences right out of the best sci-fi films. This is one we will definitely keep an eye out for.