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The 17 Best Games to Get!

The last twelve months of last year have seen what most have considered a great year for gaming, from excellent first-person shooters to the successful return of big-name franchises. And with the end of the decade approaching, and fast, it’s time to look back at the year that was and highlight some of the best games released.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 

The third in the series is arguably the best and another great addition to the ever-growing selection of must-have games on the Nintendo Switch. It’s atmospheric and will provide a fun-filled gaming experience that the entire family can enjoy over the course of its relatively short story. Collectibles such as the Boos or Power Gems will offer further objectives throughout the time you spend in the wonderfully atmospheric Last Resort Hotel, yet it’s the self-exploration that truly makes this game shine. Once again Luigi proves that he might just be the best brother in the famous Mario Brothers franchise.

Dirt Rally 2.0

Although it’s been a relatively quiet year for racing games, Dirt 2.0 came out of nowhere and blew away the competition. It’s a fantastic looking game with incredible graphics and mind-blowing sound. Since it’s an accurate representation of a rally racer, this game is rock hard with precision controls that will test even the most seasoned racing gamer out there. Featuring some of the most famous rally courses from around the world, this is not a game for the casual racer, but if you’re looking for a true driving challenge then Dirt 2.0 is the game for you.

Metro Exodus

The Russian novel-inspired Metro games have slowly through the years gained much adoration from many first-person shooter fans and withMetro Exodus they have not only released the best Metro game ever, but arguably the best first-person shooter of the year. Exodus takes the fear-inducing formula of the series and places it into expansive, sandbox levels without losing any of the incredible tension that makes the series so distinctive. It tells a great story as you journey across a post-apocalyptic Russia looking for a safe haven for your people. It’s gorgeous, gruesome and utterly terrifying.

The Outer Worlds

Fallout used to be a fantastic RPG that captured the imaginations of gamers around the world through its funny dialogue, unique set pieces, and a wonderful world to explore. Sadly Bethesda seems to have dropped the ball on the franchise lately, but fortunately Obsidian (creators of the ever-popular Fallout: New Vegas) returns with their own unique take on the RPG format. The Outer Worldspacks in a large portion of flexible quests and conflicts within its series of smaller worlds but the combat, characters, and companion systems are excellent and gives the game a unique identity of its own. It might just be the best RPG out right now.

Blood & Truth

The VR craze of the last few years seems to have died down a bit, but the people at Sony are still dedicated to delivering unique Virtual Reality experiences for owners of the PSVR.Blood & Truth is a terrific example of what PSVR can accomplish with a fun, engrossing blockbuster story. The sheer attention to detail and the promise of an action movie one can experience first-hand is a unique take on the genre.It’s the perfect type of game for VR and it’s one of the most exciting PSVR titles to be released in recent years. Time to dust off that headset and jump straight into one of the most exhilarating games of the year.

Kingdom Hearts 3

One of the most confusing and overly explained stories in gaming history returns for its proper sequel (there are a million and one side sequels) and it’s absolutely brilliant.Square did a fantastic job of capturing the spirit of these Disney worlds while giving us a massive toolbox for battles and exploration. It’s so cool seeing so many characters from throughout this series interact in new ways and rekindle old bonds. Kingdom Hearts 3 is full of heart and is a fulfilling evolution and resolution of the franchise. The gameplay is fun, the story confusing, and the graphics provide Pixar levels of quality.

MLB The Show 19

MLB The Show has been a flagship baseball title for Sony for many years now and for good reason. It’s been the best baseball game on the market for a long, long time andMLB The Show 19 continues that tradition. It offers fresh ways to experience the outstanding gameplay, complete with refinements on the defensive side of the ball. By integrating RPG mechanics into the player progression, Road to the Show has evolved into one of the deepest sports career modes currently available. It’s the deepest and most satisfying baseball simulation you can find right now.

Blair Witch

Loosely based on the original Blair Witch film for the late ’90s, Blair Witch 2019 was an unexpected release that many did not see coming and yet it turned out to be one of the most terrifying games of the year. Very similar to the Outlast series, you play as Ellis a former cop and soldier going into the dreaded forest to find a lost child. Discovering Ellis’ troubled past and the often relatable demons it left him with grounded it all and made each eerie or excruciatingly frightful moment personal. It’s a superbly constructed horror game offering more scares and tension than the original movie ever did.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night was released way back on the original PlayStation and it was one of the greatest games ever made. Series creator Koji Igarashi returns with a brand-new series that truly captures everything that made the greatest Castlevania ever made into a legendary game.Exploring the castle’s many secrets is a delight, and there is a dizzying array of weapons and powers waiting to be bent to your will. If you’re seeking a true successor to Symphony of the Night then Bloodstained will satisfy that need and more.


From Max Payne to Alan Wake to Quantum Break, Remedy games have also been uniquely special and their brand-new franchise Control continues that rich tradition. Control is set in an engrossingly weird paranormal world that begs to be explored. Playing as Jesse, you’re armed with versatile psychic skills as your main weapon which makes for thrilling ranged combat. And thanks to a strong supporting cast, a well-written script, and plenty of intriguing breadcrumb trails Control proves to be Remedy’s best game yet.

Apex Legends

In 2019 many started to feel the battle royale fatigue. From the broken mess that is PUBG to the divisive Fortnite, many felt the genre was on its last legs. Then a surprise announcement from EA Games and Respawn Entertainment changed the whole landscape. Apex Legendsmade squad-based battle royale work better than ever thought possible, even when playing with a randomly matched team. Its intuitive communication system makes strategic teamplay achievable without a word, and the eight unique legends each have unique abilities that are rewarding. The sci-fi inspired map leads to tense encounters filled with all of the pristine gunplay and polish from the Titanfall series, plus it’s completely free to play.

Astral Chain

Platinum Games have been on an amazing run, delivering unique and wonderfully weird games like Bayonetta and Nier: Automata and with their first proper foray onto the Switch system continues that strong run. Astral Chain is another excellent game and one of the best action games of this generation. Fighting off alien invaders with a Legion robot by your side proves to be even more fun than it looks, which is saying a lot. Even outside of combat, the world and its characters brim with life. Excellent pacing balances tense action with enticing exploration to create a deeply satisfying and charmingly quirky ride. 

Borderlands 3

The king of the looter shooters returns and it’s a welcome return considering the failures of similar games like Anthem and other money-grabbing looter shooters. Borderlands 3 is not concerned about loot boxes or play-to-win models, it’s all about giving you as much as possible to create as much destruction while firmly placing their tongue in the cheek. The sheer magnitude and diversity of its guns and surprising weaponry is unmatched, and the striking amount of loving detail and variety packed into its energetic and re-playable 30-hour campaign is what makes Borderlands 3 a high-point for the series – and the genre as a whole. 

Gears 5

After a surprisingly lukewarm reception to Gears of War 4, many wondered if the franchise might be on its last legs. Fortunately, with Gears 5 that is the furthest from the truth as Gears 5 is an excellent third-person action game. The most surprising element is the focus on the story and characters and Coalition really doubles down on character development in the masterfully crafted campaign. Add in a heavy-hitting multiplayer lineup of Versus, Versus Arcade, Horde, and Escape and it makes Gears 5 one of the best and most versatile action-game packages in recent memory. 

Mortal Kombat 11

One of the longest-running game franchises returns and might be the best in the series’ history. It’s gorier than ever and the combat system is again fine-tuned to make this one of the most challenging yet fun combat games on any console. It’s one of the best looking fighting games out there right now and the fatalities are as stomach-churning as ever. This series continues to prove that there’s real fighting depth beyond its notoriously gory fatalities, and this one, in particular, stands out as a spine-ripping good time. 

Resident Evil 2

The words remaster and remake has been thrown around the gaming community quite a bit the last few years, yet very few developers truly deliver on the promise. Enter Capcom, who shows the entire industry how to do a remake properly. Capcom did a fantastic job of resurrecting all the best parts of the classic Resident Evil 2 and making them look, sound, and play like a 2019 game. If you’re of the mind that the series had lost its way for a while there, this game is very much a return to form. The zombie combat is satisfying and exploring the dilapidated ruins of Raccoon City is a thrill. This establishes a new standard for remaking classic games. 

Devil May Cry 5

2019 has been a stellar year for Capcom, from the hugely popular Monster Hunter World to the successful remake of Resident Evil 2. But one of the most exciting things to come out of the legendary Japanese studio is Devil May Cry 5.The combat is the strongest the series has seen to date, and the story does a great job of balancing all three of its main characters and doling out rewarding bits of its mysterious story at an enticing pace. Capcom was able to change the formula of the DMC series and yet keep true to what made the series great. It’s incredible to look at, incredible to play and just one of the best games this year.