It's a Guy Thing

Sunkissed Goddess

with Liliia Nilova / @Lily.Aspen

This December FHM decided to make things a little extra saucy with an exotic Russian beauty by the name of Liliia Nilova. This Cali-based model is turning up the heat on social media and we were first in line to find out who Liliia is, and what she’s all about, take a look!


Model: Lily Aspen / @lily.aspen

Photographer & Producer: Mila Zvereva / @mila_zvereva 

MUA/Styling: Lily Aspen / @lily.aspen 

Talent Booking & Coordination: Emily Blair Marcus / @emilyblairmarcus / Emily Blair Media / @emilyblairmedia 


Tell us a little bit about who you are, where you are from, and what your journey has been like up until this point? Originally I’m from Saint Petersburg, Russia. currently living in Los Angeles. Moved here 4 years ago. I was looking for a place with amazing weather during the year and good infrastructure so when I came to Los Angeles for the first time I fell in love with all the amazing things we have here like the ocean, 365 sunny days per year, mountains, hills, beautiful nature, nice people, so I decided to stay here. I love being outside and exploring national parks and hiking trails, doing yoga somewhere in a park, going to the beach and dancing at a silent disco, meditating and spending time with my friends. They think I’m an amazing cook so usually I’m making a lot of delicious food like crepes with osetra caviar, Russian salads and other dishes. Also, I love short trips for 3-4 days to New York City, Miami or Las Vegas with my friends. Usually, I call it a “workation” like a mix of “work” and “vacation”. I’m working online and not attached to any place so I like to change places.

You’re very popular on Instagram, what is the message you’re trying to share and how has your online experience been like so far? So I have done my Instagram for over six years already and I love it because I can be truly myself. I was overweight from I was a kid till I was 26. I was around 250lb (120kg). So it was a long and really hard journey to get rid of the excess weight and get in shape. I started as a weight-loss motivator, now I am more about women in power, feminism, and self-improvement through love to your body.

Aside IG, are you on other platforms and where can our readers follow you to stay updated on your latest news and events? Not yet, but I’m thinking about TikTok in the future.

What inspires your creativity and who are some of your role models in the industry? Mila Zvereva who is a producer and a photographer of this shoot is my best friend so we came up with this idea together. We discuss the concept and create mood boards. There are no specific people, just the atmosphere and vibe we follow.

Do you think romance is dead and is online dating the new normal, also, how can guys approach a girl without creeping her or seeming weird? I really do appreciate online dating because it saves a lot of time. I also don’t think online dating and romance are opposite. If you meet a girl just don’t pretend to be better than you are, that’s what creeps me out. The first thought is why does he try so hard? Maybe he is hiding something?

Random question, have you ever sent a direct message to a guy and how did they respond? That’s actually a good one. I’m adept at direct communication with everyone, not only guys. I don’t have time to play it. And as I see guys are pretty happy about that. 

Do you think the perception that most men on social perverts is true or are there still some good guys out there, also, how has your online experience been an attractive and successful model? Being an attractive and successful model and persona helps to keep out from creeps. I mean had I ever received weird and dirty messages? Of course. It doesn’t bother me at all. All men I’m interested in and my dates never do weird things. At least they are not perverts. I don’t know about other girls.

If you could go on a first date with any celebrity would it be and where would you take them? Tom Hardy. I do think he’s hot. I would take him to Wayfarers Chapel, Palos Verdes, California, it’s my secret power zone. Just hang out not getting married. I’m not that kind of person.

When you’re not working what are some of the things you love to do for fun? Traveling. This summer I went to Namibia and we had a private helicopter flight with no doors and a hot air balloon flight on the same day. We started with a sunrise in the balloon and then had a helicopter before the sunset. The views were scenic. I felt how much I’m grateful for all the beautiful landscapes I can see and all the experiences I can feel. Then we landed at the top of the hill and had a picnic break there at sunset. So it’s my perfect fun day.

Could you tell us more about your speech strategy courses and where we can get more information? As I said I’m into direct and open communication. I see it as the fastest and the only way to healthy relationships with people and the world around you. First, you start an honest dialogue with yourself, then your habits change, and so on. Now it’s available on my personal IG page only for Russian-speaking people. Maybe later I’ll do some programs for my English-speaking audience.

What are some of the goals you’re hoping to achieve in the near future? I’m planning to be a female version of Tony Robbins with a huge amount of followers around the world. Thinking about launching my jewelry brand and going to outer space as a tourist. We will see cause nothing is impossible.

What’s your advice for people looking to launch their online careers and how can they deal with the negative advice and naysayers? From my observation people who really do and create things out there don’t do negativity. They know it’s hard to work and follow your dream. 

Naysayers are the people who’ve done nothing so why listen to such people?

Are you working on any existing new or upcoming projects at the moment and could you tell us a little more about that? My new project idea is pretty kinky but I want to share it with you guys. I want to create a female-oriented adult video production. Because now almost all the content is created for men. Men’s interests, needs, their fantasies. And almost nothing for women. So I want to change it. And create something really unique based on my marketing and social media experience, using all my psychology skills and knowledge. It’s gonna be adult videos with the Stanislavski acting approach.

Do you have any last words to share with our readers out there? Remember that your actions are speaking louder than words. And don’t go to a restaurant with spicy food on the first date it might be tricky.

Fashion Credits:

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Earrings: Celine 

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Blazer: Zara

Blue blazer look:

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