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Success Looks Good on You!

Meet European beauty Ellen Alexander, born in Moscow, Russia. Ellen’s career has been to conquer the four industries of film, television, theater and modeling, not only in her native Russia but also in the UK and now the United States. Ellen trained at the world-renowned Chekhov Moscow Arts theater school where she truly honed her craft becoming a recognizable figure in the Moscow arts world. After relocating to the UK, she received rave reviews for her performance as Phoebe in The Catcher in the Rye at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Upon arriving in America she landed the lead role of Tatiana in the series “Gold Diggers.”

So Ellen, you were born in Moscow, into a family of famous scientists on a global scale. Why did you decide to move to the States and become a model? I have always loved Russia. I have the warmest relations with my family, but I wanted to live my own life, and not just be the daughter of famous parents. As a teenager, I felt an urgent need to choose, take responsibility, and set goals. Then dreams of America began. I was attracted to this country, but then I could not even think about going there because of the situation of our family in the USSR and the status of the absolute secrecy of my grandfather and father. 

Today you’re a popular model with covers for many famous publications. How did it start? During my first years in New York, I worked, attended auditions, learned the language, and… I was lonely. New York is a city where people work and that can lead to a lot of stress. The first few years were very difficult. 

The modeling business is now experiencing a revolution with beauty of non-standard shapes and sizes boldly pushing the standards of beauty. How do you feel about this? We are not talking about freckles, protruding ears and a couple of extra pounds. Working as a model involves not only and not so much a classic appearance – it is primarily certain qualities and skills. Being a model is a job and, like any other job, it involves certain competencies. You can have legs from the ears and a perfect nose, but at the same time, you absolutely do not feel the podium, do not get used to the image. The modeling business has not become, so to speak, more tolerant, but rather the opposite. The bar is always raised. And high competition is always a good thing. 

What do you do in your free time? Since childhood, I’ve always loved dancing and choreography. Now I often conduct dance training which is is both strength and aerobic exercise, as well as a lot of positive emotions. If I have time, I do ballet which is truly my passion.

What does your perfect day look like? Training with loud music. A hearty breakfast and obscenely strong coffee! A job in which I lose myself and don’t notice how the day ended and I didn’t even think about lunch. Dinner with friends. Walk in the park. Reading before going to bed. Say “thank you” and fall asleep early, like I’m a child.

Tell us a funny fact about yourself: I’m afraid of the dark. Well, more precisely, I’m not comfortable in absolute darkness. Through a series of rooms, for example, I will consistently turn on and off the light in each.

What is your motto? “A man’s reach should exceed his grasp or what’s heaven!” 

What irritates and attracts you in people? Annoys; the lack of talent and trash, vulgarity and intolerance. Attracts; talent, education, humility.

What are your plans for the future? I have long been interested in art at the intersection of music, photography and performance. At the same time, I consider social networks as a platform for creativity, since today there are many opportunities to organize various projects that will bring the author not only emotional, but also financial satisfaction. At school, I was interested in vocals and ballroom dancing, so when I had the opportunity, I started recording in the studio. Now, I’m working on bringing all this to mind and sending it to the court of internet critics. 

Any words of advice for our readers? Don’t be afraid to set goals and achieve them. Every new day gives you a chance to do something great. And if the day is not set and in the evening you want to cry from fatigue and disappointment, just pour a cup of fragrant tea. Tomorrow will be better than yesterday. 

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