It's a Guy Thing

Something to ‘Fig’ About!

Tasty treats that can be served as an ideal side at your next BBQ or for when you want to impress the in-laws.

Caramelized Onion & Fig Pie

Prep time 10min

Baking time 25-30min

Servings 8-10


18oz sweet potato mash

1 cup almond flour

1 tsp crushed garlic

2 heaped tbsp sesame seeds

2 tsp salt

1 heaped tsp dried sage

2 eggs

5 whole figs cut in 1/4s

2 tbsp olive oil

1/4 tsp ground black pepper

2oz dried chopped figs

1 red salad onion diced

2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

2 tbsp raw honey

1oz pine nuts

 A sprinkle of almond flour, sesame seeds and fresh sage for garnish


Preheat oven to 390F. Prepare baking dish with non-stick spray. In a medium-size frying pan, fry the onion in 1 tbsp of olive oil till golden, add the honey and balsamic vinegar and allow to caramelize, season with 1/4 tsp salt but remove from heat before the sauce goes completely sticky and set aside.

In a mixing bowl, mix the sweet potato mash, almond flour, 1 tsp salt, crushed garlic, sesame seeds and dried sage. Whisk the 2 eggs separately till fluffy before adding it to the sweet potato mixture, stir well. Transfer the sweet potato mix in a baking dish and create a base – we prefer an uneven texture so no need to smooth it out completely.

Cut the figs into 1/4 pieces and place in a mixing bowl, add 1 tbsp of olive oil, 1/4 salt and ground black pepper and mix well, then arrange on top of the sweet potato base and sprinkle the dried fig pieces over. Finish off by dripping the figs with the caramelized onion and sprinkle with pine nuts.

Bake for 25-30 minutes. Remove from the oven and garnish with almond flour, sesame seeds and fresh sage leaves before serving and enjoy.

‘Fig-in’ Fantastic Biscuits!

Prep time 15min

Baking time 12-20min

Servings 12-15 biscuits


10oz almond flour

2oz flaked almonds

2oz pumpkin seeds

2oz sesame seeds

4oz dried figs

4oz cranberries

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1 tsp salt

7oz almond butter – melted

5 tbsp honey

2 tsp vanilla essence


Preheat oven to 360F. Prepare baking dish with non-stick spray and sprinkle with almond flour. Mix all the ingredients together till a dough-like texture. Take 1 heaped tbsp of dough, roll in a ball, place on the baking tray and push flat using a fork. Repeat till all the dough is used up.

Bake the biscuits for anything between 12-20 minutes, depending on your type of oven. Drizzle with honey and sprinkle with almond flour and cranberries as soon as you remove them from the oven. Allow to cool off. Store in an air-tight container in the fridge.

Lamb & Fig Skewers

Prep time 10min

Cooking time

Servings 5-6 kebabs


For the skewers

22oz lamb – cut into chunky cubes

12 sprigs spring onion

6 figs – one per kebab

1 tbsp olive oil

For the glaze

7oz chopped apricots

2 cups hot water

2 tbsp honey

1 lemon zest

2 tbsp red wine vinegar

1 tsp chili flakes

1 tsp freshly minced garlic

1 tsp salt

1 handful of freshly chopped mint


Soak kebab sticks in water for at least 30 minutes, this ensures the marinade sauce won’t stick to the stick and burn in the process. Cut the figs in half. Cut the spring onion into equal pieces. Start threading the kebabs with a piece of meat, then spring onion, half a fig, then spring onion again. Repeat the process.

Fry in a preheated pan with olive oil. In the interim, mix the marinade and pour into a separate pan. Bring to a simmer and allow some of the moisture to evaporate till you get a relatively thick sauce. Once the kebabs are cooked, pour some of the sauce over and allow to cook for around 30 seconds on each side before removing from the pan. Best served immediately.