It's a Guy Thing

Skillet Skills!

Chef Aaron May is one of America’s top chefs who has made numerous appearances on The Food Network and appeared on Guy Fieri’s “Guy’s Grocery Games” and “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”. He is now the new owner of the famed pizzeria in Hollywood called Dough Pizzeria & Bar (, and has been cooking up a storm and giving back during COVID-19. He spoke to FHM about his love of food and how a lady can land a cook like him!

What made you want to become a chef originally? Growing up in Chicago there was always great food around me and even my youngest memories are of family and friends passing and sharing food and stories at every gathering. As I got old enough to get a job, restaurants and the kitchen were the only places I felt comfortable.  

Is it true that a man can cook his way into love with a woman and have you ever used your skills to attract women? I think it’s absolutely true. What’s sexier than a man who can cook? The combination of creativity, craft and science that cooking needs really showcases a broad swath of talents to the fairer sex. I don’t tell tales but of course, if you’re great at something you use that to your advantage – I would be an idiot not to cook for a woman. 

What’s your go-to special dish for cooking on a date? When cooking for a date you want to stay away from offensive flavors – garlic, onion and such, and also keep it light, like John Legend said, you have to “save room for the love” lots of vegetables, lobster or scallops and maybe some fish. A nice chocolate dessert or some fresh berries – keep it simple but elegant. 

Being the owner of various restaurants, what tips do you have for others wanting to get into that business? Honestly, it’s not something I recommend for most people. The restaurant business is built on slim margins and long hours – you will find yourself working when everyone else is playing, and sacrificing tons of personal time and opportunity for the restaurant, and learning how to be a plumber, electrician, real estate lawyer? Dishwasher, cook, hostess, bookseller etc… There are a lot of easier ways to spend 70 to 80 hours a week. 

Your Hollywood restaurant Dough Pizzeria & Bar has attracted a ton of celebrities in its doors. Why do you feel what you are serving is bringing everyone in? Dough is the perfect neighborhood spot for pizza, beers and great food. I think celebrities, construction workers and everyone in between can enjoy it and they stop in regularly!  

Can sex and food go together? Sex and food have gone together forever – literally with Adam and Eve and that apple! I think they still make a great pair. 

What would the perfect first date be for you? Something a little outside everyone’s comfort zone is always good I think. That little strange museum show or world beat concert keeps everyone on their toes and makes for something to talk about, laugh about, or get excited to learn about. Dough is always good for a glass of wine and some pizza before heading out… 

Would you ever date another chef? How lucky would anyone be to date a chef? Of course, I would. 

Any big plans for the rest of 2020? Well, if they ever let us out, ya never know what might happen. 

What is one item you never leave your house without? I was told growing up that a gentleman always has a pen, a knife and a lighter. So I try to make sure to have all three when I leave the house.