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Sexy & Sensual

with Amber Diamond / @diamond.fur

Photography by Ryan Dwyer /@letshoot

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HMUA @taylor_jazz

Such an absolute honor to have you on feature FHM! What has your journey as a certified bombshell been like so far? FHM has been a delight to work with so thanks to y’all for hosting me again (giggles) This will be my second cover feature for FHM. My first FHM Cover was in 2020 and things escalated pretty fast since. At first, I was super jazzed to tell my friends and family that I was going to print. I thought maybe I just had a streak of lucky… lucky enough to be selected that once. Now that I’ve been invited to sever major publications internationally it feels less like luck and more like destiny. I don’t think any of my friends or family expected that I would be going to publication online or that this modeling career would become a worldwide enterprise for me. I remember the first time I was at a barbecue, and somebody asked me if I was the” Famous model Amber Diamond”. (Bashful giggles) I hadn’t prepared for that moment. Now in that situation, I’m a more responsive and It’s really fun and cool to meet my fans.

We are blown away by your drive and professionalism, can you tell us what some of the things that motivate you to stay on top of your game are? (Laughing) Reluctantly I am admitting I love motivational memes. They really get me going when I am down. I know it seems like a false sense of hype, but those things work for me. I like to see people win, talk about their wins and talk about how they overcame obstacles. It’s reviving. All professionals face burnout and have breakdowns but I like when people share their truths about how they turn their breakdowns into breakthroughs. The revival stories. So it goes deeper, more than the meme itself is the person behind it with the courage to post about it. If you are one of these people on my community of motivational posts… I see you baby!! Keep it coming.

Top 3 best moments of your career?  Y’all have to understand there are so many beautiful models that work really hard at having a shot at the cover. Wrapping my mind around the idea that I had been selected over all the models with giant fake boobs and awesome big butts really shocked me …(pause) because my figure didn’t fit that trend. It took me a bit to understand the editor’s selection in wanting to showcase a more natural, softer sex appeal, someone more untouched. I was a perfect fit for that look. The first publication was a good eye opener into the industry. It changed my perception. Without that growth, I don’t think I would’ve had more success in the adult industry. For those reasons, I say my first publication was the first best moment of my career.

The second-best moment of my career was getting a “Triple Crown”. I was on the cover of three different magazines at the same time for the same month. That is a huge accomplishment in any model’s career. On rare occasions, it does happen and it’s an enormous accomplishment to say I have achieved that in my career.

Thirdly, for this sultry-glamorous issue to be going public. My latest and greatest moment in my career will have been the release of this FHM USA issue. This is extra special since it is my eighth cover. There is a hidden message- It is my infinity issue. Forever Diamond.

What is your favorite chill time activity?  (Long moan) oh gosh! Lomi lomi!! I love a good massage. Some warm coconut oil and a bunch of pressure. As sensitive as I am – I am built thick so I need lots of pressure. Hit those pressure points and stay on them!! (celebrates) oooh yessah! I can’t get enough of a good tension tamer.

We are taking you out on your ultimate date and we really want to knock this one out the ballpark, what would that entail?  This should be a TV show. I say that because I don’t think I’ve gone on an “ultimate date”. Maybe I should ask the fans what their idea of a ultimate date for me would be and take up the most original gesture. I wonder what some of the suggestions might be like. Hopefully no “90s Joe Rogan” Fear Factor-type adventures. I am adventurous but not in the “put my hand in a vat of bugs for money and clout” kind of way. However, I would be entertained with reading some genuine fan “ultimate date” suggestions.

3 ultimate deal breakers when it comes to men?  Bickering- It gives me big immature vibes when a man isn’t solution based and goes over and over a problem. Get on with it already.

Bad relationship etiquette, specifically “not answering the phone”- I’m not much of a phone talker but I answer the phone 99% of the time and would appreciate those same actions in return. That’s business baby. Make the call, take the call or move around. We are doing business over here.

Thug mentality- I won’t tolerate men that want to call each other out or fight each other at the club, wedding, bbq (laughs) like …gentleman …let that old shit go! It seems like men hold grudges and then want to address issues they have with other men always when I’m in my designer heels and I’m not having it. At all.

You have one last chance to do something you have always wanted to do, with no limits on anything, what are you doing? I’m touching everything. All of it. All over. (Giggles)Im laughing but I’m so serious. The jewels in the museum. The historic armor and crowns -I’m putting it on. The churches and buildings like Graceland- oh you bet I’m going right pass those velvet ropes. The seven wonders of the world – off trail immediately – absolutely. In the pyramids -Hands on the walls- touching the dust, I’m doing it. I want to feel the energy. I want to emirs myself In the times. Rules free. I want to touch it all up. All of it. It would be like an erotic fantasy I’d be reading with my fingertips for the first time, that’s what I imagine it would be like.

Where would you say is your favorite place to be in the world and why? My favorite place to be is in a bikini on my uncle Darryl Tau-a‘s private property on Maui Island but since I like my privacy I won’t indulge the public with more on that. I can tell you about one of my favorite destinations in my career. Singapore!! To take in the view from the top of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is something quite priceless -even though there is a price for the ticket to get up there. The value is in the view not in the cost of the ticket. Being up so high with a sight to see like that one is exceptional! It gives me big Marilyn Monroe energy.

What is currently playing on loop on your playlist? In the recent past years, I haven’t felt strong about emerging woman artists and I was somewhat looking for that inspiration from my new age female artists like I had received in the past. You know the artists like: Eve, lil’ Kim, Missy Eliot, The Dolly Parton and Faith Hill. I was really happy to come across Paula Fuga, Eli Mac, Anuhea and a spicy Snow tha Product. Not only are they on my playlist but I’ve been seeking out and attending their live concerts. If y’all don’t already know these female artists, you are missing out truly.

Where can our readers catch up with you and stay updated with your work?  I am so hard to catch up to or stay updated on even if you do follow closely. (Giggles) It gets hard for my friends to even keep up. When I answer the phone one of the first questions is always “where are you? What time zone are you in?” I really love that about my career. I am always traveling, and I’ve always wanted that for myself. Most of my fans will follow my fan page. The feedback I get is really positive. I do respond to fan mail and messages; I try to respond to the comments that are directed to me. It is me and not a hired media professional. Also, with that said -watch your mouth ladies and gentlemen.