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Live without judgment  

In modern society, where each person is unique, where the diversity of cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles converge into a single diversity, the ability to understand and accept others without prejudice or criticism is becoming increasingly important. Condemnation often acts as a barrier to harmony. This text will immerse you in a world of understanding where judgment gives way to acceptance and respect for the wishes and characteristics of others. We’ll consider how this principle can be applied in everyday life, relationships, and work. The Live Without Judgment interview is an exploration of how we can work together to create a world where every person can be themselves without fear of judgment, and where diversity is recognized and valued. Let’s dive into this journey together with the screenwriter, marketer, and entrepreneur, Diana Sheveiko.

Diana, if you don’t mind, let’s start from the beginning. Tell us briefly about yourself, your childhood and your growing up as an adult. I was born in a small town, in a family of believers Dad worked as a priest, and Grandma as a deacon. Until I was 18, I went to church four times a week on a regular basis. At the same time I lived in total control and prohibitions it was impossible to communicate with unbelievers, it wasn’t right to celebrate the graduation of the school, and to become an actress and enter the theater – far from even thinking. From an early age, I was taught the love of church service and God. Already at my conscious age, I was engaged in volunteer work, mainly working with children with Down syndrome or from low-income families.

 In a way, I was glad I had been given such good qualities as honesty, loyalty, and kindness. But sometimes there were situations when I just hated these qualities, as people often used and did not appreciate what I radiated to them. As I got older, I ran away from my parents, and fell in love with a guy, and my life took on a whole different color, sometimes dark, because that guy broke my heart and I was emotionally abused, I didn’t understand this world and these people. Besides, I thought my upbringing was all my fault. But in time, I realized there would be someone who would understand me, because it wasn’t my fault, it was my advantage. And I was right. Life took on a brighter tone when I met Ania, my future wife, the kind and honest girl I saw myself in. And then, as I say, there was a convergence of palettes called “you are not living your life” in the process of our living together I realized that I didn’t want that, I wanted a family and to see a worthy man with me. What am I saying? Sometimes it happens that we fear the condemnation of our family, acquaintances, and society as a whole. And if you add to that the naivety and the harsh reality, the whole will lead to you trying to be someone. In the end, everything that happens to you will hurt you and you will complain about injustice. Yeah, I’d like to be treated fairly as I give honesty and loyalty. But the mistake is that we expect a lot from others and get the opposite. I have been searching for a long time for who I am and what I want out of life. Have I found it? Not yet to the end. But I did realize it’s important to always do what you like. You should choose those people for whom you don’t need to change, and you can be yourself and not be afraid of getting a blowback. And if something like this happens and is unpleasant, it’s not you, it’s others, and there’s nothing you can do about it. The only thing you can do is to avoid communicating with a certain person and avoid love or unloved work if it doesn’t bring you joy, comfort, and inner peace.

How to feel free – not trying to find out what others think of us? To understand and accept that each personality is individual. Then it’s necessary to define the values to which we aspire to consider all our surroundings only from the point of these beliefs, without paying attention to criticism or immersing ourselves in it. To choose your path, build plans, and surround yourself with people who carry the same golden truths is to feel free.

Can we say that our ability to see and accept the true motives and values of others, regardless of differences, allows us to create a more cohesive and tolerant society? Despite the fact that each human being carries his or her own culture, we must be open to the perception of other peoples and their values, if they aren’t a threat. The world is so diverse and we have so many opportunities on the Internet to learn other people’s customs and traditions. This gives us the opportunity to be open and bring our culture to the world.

Do you think the theory that goes like this: Don’t expect “love at first sight” is true? Love at first sight in a personal relationship is like quenching your thirst with a glass of water. But to drink this glass of water, it must be filled and it takes time. True love comes with time. But the love for work comes when you work and understand that you are useful to others, not to mention the fact that in a good case, it’s necessary to receive moral and material rewards from this. What about love for yourself? The truth is if you don’t love yourself, the environment won’t love you either. Even in early childhood, we form complexes that we carry through life and we must fight this at once, changing ourselves and perhaps the environment. It’s quite а hard work, and not everyone can handle it. But only those who love themselves sincerely (don’t confuse it with narcissism), who accept themselves and change the bad for the good, will succeed in all spheres of life.

What inspires you today and makes Diana Sheveiko who she is? At the moment I am an entrepreneur in the beauty salon industry, and I also additionally conduct the entire advertising process in the same field. I combine my main work with writing scripts for children in kindergartens, and orphanages, and for all kinds of events. In my free time, I write poetry, enjoy drawing, and do volunteer work. I’m developing in different directions: sports, vocals, dancing, etc. This most likely makes me who I am. Such an active and fulfilling life gives me emotions and a taste for every day I live.