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Pole Position

5 sex positions to spice it up in the bedroom

For most of us, sex with our significant other is a fantastic way to end date night and nothing can really beat concluding a romantic evening with some traditional lovemaking. But what if it’s all becoming ‘too routine,’ too predictable, what then? Well there are many ways to skin the proverbial cat, no pun intended and while we’re aware that no amount of flexibility or weird-but-arousing positions and kinkiness can ever replace the intensity of intimacy there are a few things you and your lover can do to heat things up. So, if you’re looking for a few new ideas or shall we say ‘positions,’ then we’ve got 5 styles that are sure to spice things up in the bedroom!

The G-Whiz

If you want to become a G-spot-finding sexual marksman then the G-Whiz is just what you’re looking for to improve your arsenal of lovemaking skills. You can think of this position as Missionary, but much more extreme, allowing you to go even further than before all while stimulating your partner’s G-spot. This move is best done on a soft floor or firm bed. To begin, ask her to lie on her back with her legs raised all the way back until her knees touch her chest. Then, kneel between her thighs and rest her calves on your shoulders. Once you’re both comfortable and ready you can do as nature intended. Want to turn it up a notch? Then prepare to go even deeper by placing your feet firmly on the ground, meaning you’re now in a squat position. This is a sure-fire way to get her to orgasm.

The Flatiron

This position offers something most others don’t, reach, oh, and something nice to look at while you’re going at it. While it may appear raunchy, the Flatiron can be immensely intimate to both partners if done correctly. Ask your significant other to lie facedown and arch her booty upwards (toward you). It’s much better done with a small pillow placed below her stomach to push her butt out. Traditionally it’s done with your legs closed and hers open but it’s much more intense if you reverse the roles by opening your legs with hers closed and beneath you. Use your arms to keep your weight off her and try shallow thrusts followed by deeper finishes to really get her off.

Stand and Deliver

This position is something your lover is sure to take pleasure in as she gets to lie back and enjoy watching you do your thing. It’s also great for locations where a bed is not readily available, say, at the office? The Stand and Deliver is pretty simple, you stand at the edge of a table, desk or countertop and while she lies on her back with her legs raised and apart you basically take her right then and there. It’s best to find a table that lines up with your pelvis, for obvious reasons. There are some variations to this move, she can bend her knees or, if you’re feeling manly, you can lift her up off the table. Here, you’re both free to move your hands and touch one another. Try grabbing her ankles to take charge or play with her breasts to add some kink and don’t be too rough during penetration as this position allows you to go deeper than normal.

Couch Surfer

You better put the TV on mute for this one, actually, you might just wanna it off – no distractions. Picture a traditional rear-entry position like Doggystyle but this time your partner is arched over your sofa’s armrest. It sounds like the perfect ‘Netflix and Chill” scenario doesn’t it? The Couch Surfer is particularly interesting as if offers some levels of variety. You can leverage her by raising her booty or arching her back, increasing the angle of penetration. You can also cross her legs either at the knees or ankles to tighten her vaginal muscles. You can also raise your leg, placing it on the armrest which gives you more motion control and makes it possible to go even deeper. The best part of this position is the view, and no, we don’t mean the game on TV.


Have you ever heard of scissoring? Well the spork is similar. Imagine each person’s legs as a set of partially open scissors, both intertwining, back and forth. This position feels very natural and starts with her on her back and raising one leg. You can comfortably position yourself between her legs at a 90-degree angle. It’s easy to maintain some intimacy in this position as your partner is able to turn her head meaning you can share kisses and look deeply into each other’s eyes. Her breasts are within reach it’s a good idea to stimulate her nipples. Another useful idea is to use your hands to push her legs further apart to increase the depth of penetration.


  • On average, American teenagers lose their virginity at age 17. Guttmacher Institute
  • 34: Number of times per day women fantasize about sex during the workday.
  • Women are more likely to orgasm when sex includes multiple sex acts. National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior