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with Tania Marie Caringi / @taniamarie.c 

Jewelry line @perinellilino / @caringi_delena / @lovelookjewls

Model of jewelry Francisca /

MUA Robyn / @robinfacemaker

Hair by Domenico / @domenicovisonehairstylist

Photographer of jewellery / @wanpalombi

Hot pink swimsuit photographer / @enotphotography

All other photos Photography by Fabio / @fabio_pregnolato_ph

Such an absolute honor to have you on feature FHM! What has your journey as a certified bombshell been like so far? Certified bombshell omg blushing. I’m absolutely honored to have the opportunity to be featured in FHM USA thank you so very much my journey has given me the opportunity to be a voice for breast cancer awareness and the importance of loyalty and unity the importance of team working.

We are blown away by your drive and professionalism, can you tell us what some of the things that motivate you to stay on top of your game are? What motivates me is the vision at the end of the tunnel and having an impact on the world for the positive and witnessing where the process began and completed Fall in love with the process.

Top 3 best moments of your career? My three best moments of my career are being featured in Vogue Italy Forbes USA and creating a clothing line Tania Marie Caringi collection and jewelry line revival collection sold internationally made in Italy CD’E w/ Carmen D’Elena & Love Look Jewels.

What is your favorite chill time activity? My favorite chill time activity is reading and taking walks in nature I love hiking.

We are taking you out on your ultimate date and we really want to knock this one out of the ballpark, what would that entail? My ultimate date would be a blanket on the beach and candles with a homemade picnic it sounds absolutely peaceful.

What are, hands down, your absolute favorite things to do? My favorite things to do would be being home in my PJs (funny Onesies) at least when I look in the mirror, I’ll laugh at how funny I look anything to smile & laugh. 

3 ultimate deal-breakers when it comes to men? Three ultimate dealbreakers would be words without actions rudeness and lying.

You have one last chance to do something you have always wanted to do, with no limits on anything, what are you doing? I’ve always wanted to skydive from an airplane, but I’m terrified that would be number one on my list.

Where would you say is your favorite place to be in the world and why? My favorite place to be in the world is home I love lounging in my PJs and working on little projects around the house.

What is currently playing on loop on your playlist? Currently playing on my loop is Love – Marracash & Gue & Eminem – Lucky You. 

Where can our readers catch up with you and stay updated with your work? My readers can keep up with me on Instagram that’s why I mostly post up-to-date photos and information @taniamarie.c. 

We are so happy to have gotten to know you a little bit! Any last words out there for our readers? I want to thank FHM USA and let everyone know to stay tuned for more from the Rival collection jewelry line in Tania Marie Caringi collection (Together we can make a difference).