It's a Guy Thing

Paris RG12 1BD.

In the not too distant past, inside the quintessentially boutique Parisian bars, people enjoyed conviviality, camaraderie, and congenial conversation. Relationships flourished, romance was alive, deals were done and the world’s woes were put to right. Solitude and reflection were equally effortlessly executed if sought ─ whilst reading a paper, or simply people watching.

Those halcyon days of human connectivity within the soothing ambiance of chatter and gentle music is a stark contrast to our contemporary connectivity to all things cyber.

Who wouldn’t want to sample the yesteryear magic of companionship and chill – depending on their state of mind; conversing or just contemplating the stuff of life; escaping or engaging ─ along with copious amounts of caffeine, tea, or your favourite tipple.

Happily such an oasis exists – Coffee Barker in the Lexicon Centre, Bracknell.

Paris, peace, and pleasantry.

© Ian Kirke 2023 / @ianjkirke