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Yamaha’s Latest YZF-R6 easily rips up any tarmac and looks amazing awesome doing it. Here, we revel in the latest marvel brought to us by the experts in all things fast and fancy!

Nothing feels truly as free as being on the open road and the all-new Yamaha R6 embodies that feeling. With a beautiful design, the latest technology and a quick-throttle ability to pick up speed, the YZF- R6 has it all! On track or street, the R6 is one of the most advanced supersport machines ever built. Aerodynamic MotoGP styling wraps up an incredibly intelligent racing machine, complete with ABS brakes, top-shelf suspension and a full suite of electronic rider aids. Yamaha has unparalleled Racetrack Success with the R6 winning more AMA middleweight races and championships than any other 600cc sportbike on the market – making it the number one choice for amateur and professional racers alike.

Its legendary handling and nimble design helps the R6 combine superior mass centralization with highly-developed suspension and refined ergonomics making it one of the most easy-to-handle machines in the supersport class. The result is awesome road feedback, traction feel, and greater cornering confidence. The thrilling power and control readily available in the latest R6 is class-leading with its high-revving four-cylinder powerplant at its heart, and traction control and D-Modes allowing the rider to extract even more performance from its potent engine. The R6 screams across the start and finish line ahead of the pack, every time!




Cutting Edge Engine Design 

The R6 is powered by a compact and lightweight 599cc DOHC liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine featuring the latest manufacturing technology. Sixteen titanium valves, a high 13.1:1 compression ratio and lightweight forged pistons allow for smooth, high-revving power. Linerless, direct-plated ceramic-composite cylinder bores provide excellent heat dissipation and reduced friction. Magnesium engine covers minimize engine weight.

Race-Tested Variable Intake System 

The YZF-R6 features Yamaha’s Chip Controlled Intake (YCC-I®) which electronically changes the effective intake tract length to give the benefits of both shorter and taller intake stacks in a single-engine for a broader, more tractable powerband. The twin injector intake system also uses shower-style fuel injectors above the intakes to provide optimum fuel atomization at high rpm.

Compact 6-Speed Transmission 

A close-ratio six-speed transmission delivers seamless power and maximum acceleration to suit the engine output and is designed to be very compact. The crankshaft, input, and output shafts are “stacked” in a triangular layout to centralize mass and keep the engine shorter front-to-back, which allows optimized engine placement in the frame for outstanding handling.

Racing-Derived Slipper Clutch 

Slipper-type back torque-limiting clutch reduces engine braking effects and eases aggressive downshifting from high speed.

Compact Titanium Exhaust 

The midship titanium muffler contributes to mass centralization and contains EXUP. Yamaha’s Exhaust Ultimate Power Valve creates a broad powerband, along with an oxygen sensor for spot-on fuel injection and clean-running emissions.


GP-Style Deltabox® Frame 

The YZF-R6 Deltabox aluminum frame incorporates years of GP development in terms of geometry, engine positioning, and rigidity, resulting in the gold standard in 600-class handling. The R6 combines lightning-fast handling agility with confidence-inspiring mid-corner stability. 

Magnesium Rear Subframe 

A magnesium subframe removes weight from the rear of the motorcycle for increased mass centralization, while the flat and narrow seat makes it easier to reach the ground and gives riders more room to maneuver during aggressive racetrack riding.

Aluminum Fuel Tank 

The aluminum alloy fuel tank shaves over 2.5 pounds compared to an equivalent steel tank, lowering the bike’s center of gravity while improving rider ergonomics. The graceful curves of aluminum are accentuated by hand-welded craftsmanship for a truly beautiful finalized part.

R1-Derived KYB® Fork 

To ensure class-leading front-end feel and confidence, the YZF-R6 features the advanced KYB® 43mm fork found on the R1, tuned specifically for the R6. With excellent damping and awesome feedback from the front tire, the fork offers exceptional adjustability, with all adjustments at the top of the fork.

Advanced KYB® Shock 

The lightweight swingarm pivots high in the frame, for increased anti-squatt effect and mid-corner stability. The piggyback shock design features four-way preload and damping adjustability for effective wheel control across a wide variety of conditions.

Powerful Brakes with ABS 

The YZF-R6 uses the same components found on the R1, including 320mm front rotors, gripped by four-piston radial-mount calipers, and actuated by a Nissin® radial-pump master cylinder. The result is excellent power with precise control. A lightweight rear caliper supports the front system, and ABS is standard for enhanced braking on imperfect road surfaces.


Aggressive R-Series Styling 

The YZF-R6 presents a sleek profile that expresses the next generation of Yamaha R-series styling. The LED marker lights create a striking face centered on the MotoGP ®-style ram air intake. Futuristic and aggressive, the R6 stands out compared to anything else on the road or track today.

Top-Notch Aerodynamics 

The smoothly flowing front ‘face’ and bodywork achieves the highest level of aerodynamic efficiency of any production Yamaha in history, improving top speed on the racetrack. The cross-layered fairing design also ensures excellent airflow to cool the engine with minimal drag.

LED Lighting 

Like the YZF-R1, the R6 uses compact LED headlights that are tucked away for a less mechanical appearance while still providing brilliant illumination. The front LED turn signals are integrated into the mirrors for a sleeker style, while the rear LED taillight is ultra-compact to match the narrow tail unit.

Ready to Accessorize 

The YZF-R6 is ready to hit the racetrack straight from the showroom floor, but for riders looking for the extra edge, an accessory Quick Shift System can be installed to allow for clutchless full-throttle upshifts for maximum acceleration.


Advanced Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle

The ride-by-wire Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T®) system senses the slightest throttle input by the rider and instantaneously calculates the ideal throttle valve opening, and then actuates the throttle valves to actively control intake volume. This technology gives the rider the precise level of control required to push the envelope at racing speeds.

Adjustable Traction Control System 

A Traction Control System (TCS) assists the rider in managing traction on various road conditions by quickly modulating throttle opening, ignition timing, and fuel volume. On the R6, the TCS is designed to intervene extremely smoothly, for minimal disruption to forward drive, with six modes (plus off) to suit various road conditions and rider preferences.

Selectable Drive Mode (D-Mode) 

The YZF-R6 features Yamaha’s D-Mode system, allowing the rider to choose the optimum engine character for their riding situation and preferences. The rider can choose from three throttle valve control maps (Standard Mode, “A” Mode, and “B” Mode) for different throttle response characteristics at the push of a button.

Stylish Instrumentation 

The YZF-R6 features a combination analog and digital LCD instrument package that displays a huge range of information, including a programmable shift light, fuel economy, dual trip meters with miles-on- reserve function, and indicators for the electronic rider aids, including TCS and D-Mode.



Capacity                              – 599cc

Engine Type                      – liquid-cooled DOHC inline 4-cylinder; 16 titanium valves

Transmission                    – 6-speed

Tires Front                         – 120/70ZR17 – Rear 180/55ZR17

Fuel Capacity                    – 4.6 gal

Fuel Economy                   – 42 mpg*

Wet Weight                      – 419 lb*

Warranty                            – 1 Year Limited Factory Warranty

Est Retail Price                 – $12,199*




The Yoshimura® Y-Series Slip-On Muffler was developed exclusively for the Yamaha YZF-R6 and offers track-tested performance and emissions compliance*. This stainless-steel canister with “WORKS” finish features a trapezoidal design and carbon fiber end cap and an exclusive R6 badge. The sleek, clean design helps compliment the design and lines of the bike while also saving on weight and improving performance with an aggressive sound that’s 50-state legal.


The GYTR Quick Shifter enhances rider control by limiting the chassis movement — eliminating the need to come off the throttle; allowing clutch-less shifting. It works with standard shift patterns and saves wear and tear on the clutch and transmission and also comes standard with an easy plug-and-play installation


The YZF-R6 Smoked Windscreen allows you to customize your bike with a sleek, dark smoke-tinted version of the standard windscreen.


The YZF-R6 Rear Seat Cowls transform your bike into a single-seater for a sportier look by easily replacing the passenger seat. The stylish cushion with the R6 logo has a high-quality finish that complements the YZF-R6 styling and flows with the contour lines of the rear tail section. It also comes in a variety of colors and installs in minutes.


Slim Design Frame Sliders help to minimize frame and body damage if the bike is accidentally dropped and feature a slim design with an angular, geometric shape for a very modern, stylish look – not like your usual round-style puck.