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Audi’s clean-cut S6 gets the job done first time

It’s understated, that’s for sure. Peek under the hood of the new Audi S6 and there’s a 444bhp, 2.9-liter V6 with turbochargers and Audi’s 48-volt hybrid system – a close-enough clone of the engine usually blessed with Audi’s highest-ranking RS moniker. However the larger S6 super-saloon is far more evenly tempered in styling and execution and even though it’s capable of reaching enormous speeds, it’s not the main focal point on display. 

The new S6 is all about delivering maximum refinement at any time of day and on any road. The interior is a collection of glossy screens that flow smoothly in vertical and horizontal directions. Surfaces are vast and devoid of buttons and the interplay of leather and aluminum is a tactile delight. Another highlight is the Bang and Olufsen audio system that more than makes up for the quieter exhaust note of the S6.

The exterior of the Audi S6 is equally minimalist; apart from the four exhaust pipes and optional 21-inch wheels, you might mistake it for a regular Audi A6. That’s not a bad thing in our books, in fact, it underlines a statement of sophistication that will never go out of fashion.

Behind the wheel, it doesn’t shatter serenity often but 0-100kph in less than 5 seconds does come as a handy reminder that one of Audi’s best modern engines is still at work. Allied to the Quattro system and rear-wheel steering, the S6 is surefooted and surprisingly agile, if not always exhilarating. 

The new S6 might not reach any rapturous highs, but it absolutely never dips and disappoints either. A real gentleman of car. Pawan Dhingara