It's a Guy Thing

New Brew! Noobru

Creating a drink for men to unleash their full brainpower! 

Martyn Cook has been creating and selling online since the age of 14 when he learned to build websites to impress a girl (it didn’t work!). Since then he’s sold everything from dog collars to houses leveraging the internet. Martyn co-founded a software company, built multiple 7-Figure eCommerce brands, co-founded a high-level digital entrepreneur mastermind that hosts luxury meet-ups around the world, has spoken from stages around the world and still somehow found the time to self-publish two books. Martyn’s latest project, Noobru, a cognition drink, is on a mission to fortify 1 Billion meals by 2025, helping to tackle the 2 billion people, worldwide malnutrition problem.

There’s a drink that can unleash a man’s brain to its full potential? You need to explain this concept more to us! Sure! Our focus is on creating ‘functional drinks’ – that taste delicious, benefit some aspect of your brain – motivation, focus, endurance, memory, recall, creativity – and that can fit into the daily routines of our customers immediately. Let’s face it, it’s a fast-moving world, so whatever is important to you to achieve .. critical even — there’s a very good chance that if your brain works better – you’re more likely to achieve It! So that’s what we sell really, success and achievement — advantage in a glass – hopefully exactly what you need to turn a 50/50 situation into a winning one!

How did you come up with this? I’ve long been a believer and practitioner in life and bio-hacking — with the goal of getting more output for the same amount of input. When I stumbled across Nootropics, over a decade ago, it was an exciting new world – the thought of being able to get more out of your brain, every day – wow! The possibilities felt endless. This path had me experimenting, like a human guinea pig, with all kinds of Nootropics – gradually learning the pros and cons of each – leading to formulating a perfect (at least for me) ’stack’ (this is the name given to a combination of different ingredients taken together)… Most days I was taking a fist full of different nootropic pills, which isn’t a fun experience. It was time-consuming to open all the pill bottles, and the dose of each nootropic was limited by whatever amount was in the pill. I then began to learn that actually pills aren’t very efficient, studies have shown that as much as half of what you take in pill form isn’t actually absorbed – it just becomes expensive urine. Whereas in liquid form, we can absorb almost 100%! This was the beginning of the journey for me – I teamed up with a medical doctor and set out to make a better nootropic, the perfect, safe amount of effective ingredients that are consumed as a drink, taste delicious and work together to give you an advantage. I opted to serve them in eco-friendly, single-serve sachets so they were super convenient and easy to take with you on the go.

Who are some big-name players that have been using it? We’ve actually got quite a few customers who are famous, but unfortunately we can’t divulge their names. However, I can say that we’ve got – professional athletes, movie stars and big influencers amongst our customers. The real beauty of our products is that they are designed to be beneficial to anyone, anyone with a brain and a goal that is – we figure, if your brain works better – YOU will perform better. So on a more down-to-earth level, we have Super-Mums – trying to manage their busy, full on day. We have grandparents – wanting to enjoy the moments with the grandchildren and be able to recall those memories later. We have athletes, old and young – the former looking to regain their performance from younger years and the latter looking to ‘level up’ and perform better – this is just a few examples of the wonderful customers we have.

What is your recommended dosage for those training or working out daily? We recommend taking Noobru either 2 days on, 1 day off, or 5 days on and 2 days off. It’s called ‘cycling’ and it ensures that your brain remains fueled for the whole month. So for those training or working out daily, I would throw it into your sports bottle – we even have customers who add it to their protein shakes — Noobru Advantage is Strawberry Lemonade flavor – so it mixes great with most things!

Besides helping your brain, what other benefits does Noobru provide? All of the ingredients in Noobru have been chosen based on science. We’ve poured through thousands of clinical studies and handpicked safe and effective ingredients, no small task as we also need to factor in how those ingredients taste! In terms of Noobru Advantage and the ‘extra’ non-brain benefits, studies on our ingredients have shown support for Anxiety, Muscle Power and Endurance, Reaction Time, Relaxation, Strength and Stress .. amongst many others! For Noobru Shield our focus was on Immunity support – so there you’ll find studies showing that our chosen ingredients support immunity, breathing, sexual support, mood, weight management, blood flow, fatigue, recovery and liver health amongst others.

What is your advice as an entrepreneur to others wanting to create, innovate and invent? Pursue giving value over everything else. If you help enough people by improving or enriching their lives in some way, value will follow! If you’re passionate about the space that you’re selling in, or even if you’re in fact your target customer, then that certainly helps. But try not to be a “me too” company — selling the same thing as someone else, just cheaper or something like… well it’s difficult to stand out – why should the customer buy from you rather than the other guy?

How important is social media to product marketing these days? I think social media is very important – critical even! Social Media is a two-way conversation with your customer and it’s where they are often spending large chunks of their time and attention. You should be adding value to their social media experience with engaging information and solutions to their problems – be sure too, they will check your credibility on your social accounts – and your reviews too, so be on top of it.

What other tips would you give those wanting to be successful? My advice would be to focus on creating a product that provides value. Don’t focus on money – focus on creating something that genuinely improves the lives of your customers. On top of that, be an Enlightened Entrepreneur! Find a charity or cause that you can support with your business from the very beginning. Be genuine, and pick a cause that really makes a difference in the world. Right now, I would suggest causes that fight climate change, reduce single-use plastic, plant trees or fight global malnutrition – these are big issues that are really important.

What is one quote you live life by? “I didn’t come this far to only come this far.”