It's a Guy Thing

Most Desired!

with smart and lovely Kazumi / @kazumisworld

Photography by Adair Lopez

PR by Vikki Lenola/ Lenola PR

Hometown… I was born in Kuwait but grew up in Glendale, California.

Describe yourself in three words… Problem-solver, funny, and adventurer. I truly believe people are the best books, so I’m very social and love to understand them. My motto has always been, “I’ll try anything twice” — I’m a yes girl and I want to experience as much as I can! 

Were you excited to shoot for FHM? I was SO excited about it! I always wanted to be the girl on the spread, the mysterious object of affection for a second. 

What’s the best compliment someone can give you? The best compliment someone can give me is to tell me that I am very smart. I’ve faced a lot of adversity in my life and I have managed to find solutions and get out of them! I don’t think many people would guess any of the things I have accomplished in my life but if someone told me I was very impressive, it would mean the world to me to be noticed that way. 

How can a guy catch your attention? My favorite type of man is one that is thoughtful. I like a man that takes the time to think of me and loves me loudly. A rose, an extra compliment to know he noticed my effort, some initiation into a new date idea — I want to know you like me and aren’t afraid to show it! 

You’ve been incredibly successful in earning income from your photos. We know that’s an exclusive, juicy story for later… but can you give us a hint on how much success you’ve had? I made 1.5 million dollars on OnlyFans!

Wow! That’s impressive. Can you tell us about your experience competing in Miss Biningbining at the Miss Philippines Pageant? I didn’t win Miss Binibining (this was a Miss Philippines pageant in the USA). We actually kind of broke up. I entered, and they kept making comments on my weight. Now, I was never big, I was just a little curvier than the usual contestant. They had a big issue with that and would barely promote me. They also didn’t agree with the racier photos on my Instagram… we went back and forth on deleting them and they suspended me. Eventually, I dropped out and took my money to vacation in New York for the summer, and I had a great time! 

What advice would you give anyone who wants to get involved in beauty pageants? Haha, if you want to win, follow the requirements! But seriously, stay disciplined. There are qualifications you need to hit, and if you want it, you have to be willing to do what it takes. 

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a princess! No joke (laughs), I thought I would grow up and it would become my occupation one day. On a more serious note, I wanted to be an author.

What’s still on your bucket list? I want to travel the world in a year! I’d start with Japan, and then my original home, the Philippines. My parents are both from Manila and I’d like to build them a house. 

Favorite things to do in your spare time? I like to do something new! I like introducing myself to new communities and doing out-of-the-box scenes.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? In 10 years, I want to have a mini-me and teach her my ways. For now, I have a dog. I want to be happily settled down with a partner and just continue learning and contributing to society as a whole. 

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