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Maria Liman Keeping Fit!

FHM United Kingdom May 2023 cover star Maria Liman

with FHM United Kingdom May 2023 cover star Maria Liman

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Maria, such an honor to have you on the cover of FHM UK! What an exciting career you have had, can you give us a bit of background on how you got into the entertainment industry? Thank you for the invitation to the interview! I have been interested in painting and art since childhood and dreamed of becoming an actress. I like getting people’s attention, and being on stage – always an exciting and interesting experience. Mom insisted on being an architect because I was good at drawing. After graduating from school, I ended up I graduated from the University of Civil Engineering, but I didn’t want to work in my specialty. And the entertainment industry for me is a wide field of opportunities to try myself in different roles – it helps me to keep myself in good shape, grow as a creative person and develop new abilities.

Have you ever visited the UK? Well actually I have been living in England since 2019. During covid, I moved to Cambridge to study. I moved just during the period of severe covid restrictions that overshadowed my stay – I wanted to walk, and meet new people, but there was no such opportunity. But now everything is fine, I sometimes come to Russia to see my family and friends, but in general, I have already got used to life in the United Kingdom.

FHM United Kingdom May 2023 cover star Maria Liman

Not only are you a model and actress, but you love to keep fit and get into extreme sports in your free time, what are some of the activities you love to do outside? Well, to begin with, keeping myself in good physical shape is part of my job, so sports are an integral part of my lifestyle. In my free time, I do dancing, yoga, and learn extreme driving. Everyone is surprised when I talk about it – they say, a girl who is engaged in extreme driving is something amazing. Extreme sports help me to release the accumulated energy and emotions to feel cheerful and confident. Also, in my free time, I do horse riding, ballet, fencing, boxing and stage fighting, go to theaters, read Shakespeare and learn French.

A little birdie told us you are a massive fan of Chelsea FC, have you ever watched any live games? It’s true, I really am a football fan and I support Chelsea. Living in London, I often attend games, but when I can’t attend them live, then, of course, I watch a live broadcast, but this is not the case at all – there are no live emotions and passions that are present at a real match!

FHM United Kingdom May 2023 cover star Maria Liman

Let’s test how big a fan you are, what are some of the most random Chelsea facts every true fan knows? A real Chelsea fan knows that Ken Bates bought a football club for 1 pound sterling! Just imagine how much it costs now. Chelsea is also the first club from the English top league to win four major European UEFA trophies. And also, this is one of those football teams that started the form with the license plates of the players.

You’re a very private person when it comes to your love life, can we just touch on what some of the things that attract you to a man are? I really don’t like to expand on the topic of my personal life. Speaking abstractly, it is important to me that a man is attentive, reasonable and confident in himself and his own decisions. It’s important for me to feel loved. I want to be taken care of – then I will give only warmth and immense love in return.

If we were trying to catch your interest, what type of date would blow your mind? Oh, it’s hard to answer right away! I would be amazed at a date for which a man has carefully prepared and planned to the smallest detail. So that he somehow finds out what kind of flowers I love, how I like to spend time and everything in that spirit.

Going back to your career, what has been the most memorable project you have ever been a part of? Hmm, it’s probably shooting in 2018 for «Playboy» or shooting in the same year for Hugh Hefner’s candid calendar. I remember how worried I was then, because it was a completely new level for me, but fortunately, I managed to work with professionals in their field, with whom the work was very pleasant and, of course, fruitful. Since then, there have been many interesting projects, and now I am increasingly paying attention to more complex shooting, because I want to improve in this.

FHM United Kingdom May 2023 cover star Maria Liman

How has your advancement into the acting world changed your life? I would say that dramatically. You start to feel differently, present yourself differently, and this is very important in the modern world, because I work every day and meet new people with whom you need to find a common language and points contact. I’ve learned to understand myself better through acting – when you try on new roles, you simultaneously find out what kind of person you really are.

What are some of the biggest goals you hope to achieve now you have entered a new era? I don’t like to answer such questions, because it’s scary to scare off the goal – I’m used to talking about achievements when I’ve already achieved them, because there’s a long way behind it. Now I want to develop as an actress, I have a great desire to participate in major projects with real stars of the acting world. I also continue to work in the modeling field, for me this is already a part of life that I can’t give up and I don’t want to do it. I don’t get that drive and creative energy anywhere else, and this is very valuable for me, so there are only more very creative shootings ahead!

Thanks for talking with us about your life, career and dreams, any last words for our readers out there on where they can catch up with you and find out more? Thank you for inviting me! You can get to know me better on my social networks – there I honestly tell and show my life, share different stories and, of course, I tell you about my projects.

FHM United Kingdom May 2023 cover star Maria Liman