It's a Guy Thing

Loving Life

with Feather Jackson

Photography by Ryan Dwyer – @letshoot

PR by @mainstreetproductions

About me: Hi! My name is Feather Jackson and I’m from Santa Barbara, CA and currently reside in Long Beach, CA. I love everything to do with animals and trying new experiences and food.

Were you excited to shoot for FHM? Yes! It was the most fun I’ve had on a photoshoot and you can’t top having your hair and make-up done by the lovely Bridget. She made me feel so beautiful. Ryan the photographer is a genius as well, he posed me in and made everything really easy going and comfortable.

Tell us something surprising about you? I’m a veteran, I did 5 proud years in the Marine Corps as an Intelligence Specialist at Camp Pendleton California.

Describe yourself in one sentence... I am never comfortable with settling and am always setting new goals and looking for opportunities to do better and achieve greatness.

What are some of your hobbies? I recently just got into teaching myself how to do acrylic nails so that has been my hobby for the time being but I tend to jump onto different projects all the time. I also just bought a pair of rollerskates to ride down by the beach and am looking forward to doing that all summer.

What is your biggest turn on? Confidence! Confidence is so important for people to have and it’s a huge turn-on for me specifically. Appearance-wise I’m a sucker for nice arms and piercing eyes.

What turns you off the most? Arrogance and when people are late or mess with my time. I’m a huge planner and am always early to any appointment, I guess I can thank the Marines for that. 

Describe to us your perfect date… My perfect date has to include food, so probably some amazing Italian restaurant with wine and a beach walk afterwards. Food and wine are definitely the way to my heart.

What would you consider to be your biggest challenge as a model so far? I definitely tend to compare myself to others too much and I’m working on it but with social media sometimes it can be difficult.

Any last words you would like to share with our readers? Thank you for all the support and picking up this month’s issue! I can’t wait to continue this career and see where it goes! XoXo