It's a Guy Thing

Keep Smiling

with Poliana de Paula 

Photography by José Urbano – @joseurbanophoto

MUAH: Allison Tregarthen – @allisonmakeupstyle

Biquinis: Nora Chantre – @nora.chantre.swimwer

Stylist: Constanza Cecchetto
Jewels: Isabel Guarch

My name is Poliana de Paula, I’m a warm mix of Italian and Brazilian. I love to share love, smile and be grateful! 

Tell us about a bit about yourself? I’m Poliana De Paula, I’m 32 years old, and I was born in Brazil. My father’s family is Italian, and my mother’s family is Brazilian. I can say I’m a wonderful and warm mix.  I have been modeling since I was 16 years old when I discovered my passion to do photoshoots and to be in this beautiful word. I really love to do it. In 2015 I went to London when many things changed in my life. After a lot of traveling and having exciting and great experiences I decided to make my base in Amsterdam, the place where I found my balance in life. I still travel and enjoy this beautiful world.

What was your initial reaction when you were chosen to shoot for FHM? Really happy, emotional and grateful to be part of this beautiful project. It’s like a dream.

How do you prepare for a shoot? I try to be as healthy as I can.  My diet is rich in green and red vegetables, salad, fruits, white fish, a lot of water, good wine and training. During the week of the shooting I don’t eat carbohydrates and also don’t drink wine.

Describe your perfect man: He needs to keep my attention with intelligent conversation and a gentleman’s attitude, loving touches, who makes me laugh and fire and freedom at the same time.  And between that he should make me feel anxious to go to the bed to enjoy the pleasures of this life. 

What is your ideal date? He needs to make me feel on fire.

What do you do for fun? Travelling, making dinner with loved ones or friends and listening to nice music.

Tell us a bit about your most embarrassing moment? I was with my ex -boyfriend and we wanted to have sex… but we are at a restaurant having dinner, wine, nice conversation, love… and really excited… and then we decide go to toilet to have sex, but when we are kissing inside the toilet the housekeeping came in… oh gosh and I was red.. and him to… but what can we do? Say sorry and go back to our table. But for sure it was the most embarrassing moment. 

What would you say is the most difficult part about being a model? People seeing and respecting modeling as modeling. Some people don’t get it, it’s a business like every business. 

What are you most looking forward to doing this year? Making some personal objectives for this year and taking my family on vacation. 

Lastly, what is your life motto or a quote that means a lot to you? Keep smiling.

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