It's a Guy Thing

InstaRich List 2019

These are truly amazing times. Imagine getting paid a whole stack of cash just to post on Instagram? Well for some that wishful thinking is an actual reality.

Hopper HQ has updated their Instagram Rich List and although some of the names won’t be a surprise, some of the numbers will. Right at the top of the list is Kylie Jenner at a staggering est $1,266mil per post. Talk about hitting it big. Others in the top 10 include some of our favorite stars like Cristiano Ronaldo at number 3 with $975 thousand and the big guy Dwayne Johnson at number 6 with $882 thousand.

It seems all the good money is right at the top but you don’t need to be a worldwide celebrity to make some cash. Simply find a niche, do your own posts or post about related topics. One your audience is large enough and the engagement levels are good you can then connect with brands that would have an interest in communicating with your followers.

2019 is truly an amazing time to be alive. So what are you waiting for, get to it.