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As the seasons change so do we, and when the mercury is set to hit some of the lowest levels in the year there’s no better way to warm yourself up than with a stiff drink (or a warm cup of cocoa). We’ve put together some awesome drink mixes for you to test out while you’re trying to keep warm – best of all, we went for the easy-yet-tasty mixes so they’ll be ready pronto! These cocktails are perfect for staying indoors, chilling with friends or entertaining some holiday guests. Enjoy!


Here’s one mix you may not have heard of and believe us when we say, you’ve got to try it. Although it doesn’t seem like the typical cocktail because it doesn’t make use of a stronger spirit it still packs a punch. So be warned. Plus, it’s a pretty tasty that’s quick and easy to make and it’s sure to get the party started.


10oz (280ml) lager

10oz (280ml) cider


Dash of blackcurrant for color


It’s simple to make, mixing equal parts of lager and cider in a pitcher or large beer glass. If it feels a bit too strong you’re welcome to add a little soda water or crushed ice. What’s pretty cool is that if you add blackcurrant to the mix your drink’s color will change to a darker, more sinister-looking tone – which is awesome if you’re going for the random “what are you drinking there?” appeal. 


This mix is a big favorite for us, mainly because it’s so simple. So if you have a thing for whiskey and a taste for beer then you’re really going to like this drink. It’s also easy to mix up in a few minutes and makes entertaining guests a breeze!


1oz (30ml) whiskey

10oz (300ml) beer


It’s like we said, the Boilermaker is really simple to make. Just pour the shot of whiskey into the beer and stir. What’s great is that you can play around with different brands of beer and whiskey to find something you’ll really like. It’s also a good idea to add a shot of cordial like lime so you can really experiment with the flavors. 

Irish Car Bomb

Just the title of this cocktail speaks volumes. Irish, plus car bomb? Now you know this is going to kick some serious butt! This seems more like a college fraternity drink that the guys would holler ‘drink, drink, DRINK!” to, but it also puts a really tasty and sophisticated twist on things with its unique ingredients and overall flavor. It’s also not a wildly common drink, making it perfect if you’re looking to adopt a signature cocktail.


½oz (15ml) Jameson Irish Whiskey

½oz Bailey’s Irish Cream

12oz (350ml) Guinness Stout


Pour the Guinness into a tall beer glass then mix in the Bailey’s and Jameson and stir. One, two, three, and you’re done. What we like most aside from the flavor is how smooth the Guinness makes this drink feel. Beware though, these are so tasty and easy to down that’ll you’ll need to consciously remember your limits.

The Godfather

We saved the best for last. Enter the Godfather. A true ‘stiff’ drink worthy of the name. The main ingredient is a good double dose of whiskey which, if you don’t already have any, is sure to put a few hairs on your chest – or at least, some whiskers on your chin. The Godfather is less of a cocktail and more of a shooter, making it the perfect side order for something like the Snakebite.


2oz (60ml) whiskey

1oz (30ml) Disaronno Originale amaretto


Orange zest twist


If you’re skipping the shot option and opting for a glassful then add the whiskey and amaretto into a glass filled with crushed ice and soda water. Add a garnish like a twist of orange zest, stir, and enjoy! There are also variants of this cocktail available for you to play with. There’s the Godmother which replaces the whiskey with vodka or the Godchild which uses cognac instead. Maybe now’s the time to start a minibar family?