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Photography by Oscar Picazo / @oscarpicazophotographer

PR by LSA Publications / @leo.alderman / @lsapublications 

Minoeve! It is such an honor to have you featured on the cover of FHM! With all the high notes you hit last year achieving new heights in your career, how has the beginning of 2021 been for you? Life can be so unpredictable! I’ve always been a huge fan of FHM magazine since I was in Seoul, South Korea and now I am March 2021 FHM cover model! I’ve recently been going back and forth between California and Las Vegas a lot lately and working with amazing artists and production teams. It’s been really busy and as horrible as the pandemic has been, it has created new opportunities especially for content creators like myself.

You’ve got an amazing figure and beauty about you, the whole world has totally been taken by storm by your exotic features! Could you tell us a little about your Korean background? I was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, and I grew up in a very conservative family. My parents sent me to a bunch of after-school academies so that I can keep my school grades high. Every day after school, I had to go to a math and writing academy, art learning center and English academy and came home at 10pm. One day, I saw a taekwondo dojo had opened across the street from my house and there were kids flying around doing spinning kicks. That evening I told my parents I wanted to learn and practice taekwondo. They didn’t like the idea but I negotiated with them – that if they don’t send me taekwondo dojo I will stop doing all those studies. Ever since then, taekwondo has been part of my life as I still practice taekwondo nowadays. 

You’re such an incredibly ambitious woman, we see that you not only have an acting and modeling background but you’re now dabbling in real estate! tell us a bit more about that? I do enjoy investing time and money in things with future growth potential. At first, it was trading stocks where I made a nominal amount of money, so-called fast cash. Then I realized I wouldn’t have time to continue doing this after I go to college so I decided to start thinking about longer-term investing. I had about a month to learn what I could about real estate investing before school began, so I started driving – driving to learn about locations that had not yet been developed but with potential for further development. I read a couple of basic “how-to” investing theory books that were from Warren Buffet’s reading list. I researched real estate firms with the most listings in a particular area and contacted their agent to show me just 5 properties that I really wanted with the specific size and location and that I would pick one in a few days. I invested very little cash, the minimum possible. My first real estate investment, without knowing anyone in the area, no network, no partners turned out quite well netting me a fairly handsome profit. Everybody, from my family and friends to real estate professionals, were telling me the real-estate market will crash. But I took a chance because I believed in myself and it turned out well. 

You’re tenacious and fierce that much is evident! What would you say sets you apart, what is your greatest asset? I am brave and always open to learning new things. And my greatest asset is not getting too comfortable with how things are.

We absolutely love your Instagram content, you have such a classic and sultry feel to your images, how do you choose your style of shoots? I’m a fan of visual art and classic films. Lots of my content are inspired by visual art characters or classic film scenes. I discuss these ideas with the photographers I work with and they’re able to recreate the content with their own signature style of photos.  

What would you say is the most surprising thing about you that not many people know? I use male-looking/sounding usernames when playing MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) to hide my identity as I like practicing E-sports game strategy without people’s judgment. 

If you had to choose, would you say money and wealth determines success, or is it one’s personal achievements and happiness? Haha, good question. I wouldn’t want to miss out on personal achievements and happiness, but If I really had to choose, I would choose money and wealth because it has the potential to create more opportunities to do things I want which leads to achievements and happiness. 

On a more personal level and in an ideal world, where do you see yourself in five or ten years; time in terms of family life, career, or both? I am definitely looking forward to family life but I am just not ready yet at this point in time. 

Being a strong social media personality has to be hard work! Could you give us a little bit of insight as to what it takes to maintain such a massive following and managing to keep it fresh and exciting all the time? I try my best to plan ahead. When I have a photoshoot scheduled, I usually pack everything a week before in my bag, outfits, shoes, etc… Then I send style illustrations to my hairstylist and makeup artist, so that If I need any hair extensions or new lip color, they can prepare for it. When I receive outfits from brands/companies or fans, I don’t just take it with me to the photoshoot. I always send pictures to my stylists/ photographers and we discuss styling and scenes before the shoot. Nowadays, content quality is king so I am trying to do my best to be more organized and focused on creating high-quality content.  

Speaking of social media, we’re going to guess your DMs can get a little crazy, what are some of the wildest messages requests you have ever received? A little while ago, I received DMs from a music artist with a very large following on social media. He said to write “I love (his name)” all over my body from my boobs to my feet and to make sure I do so with marker, take photo, send it to him, and he will pay for the picture. Another wild DM I received was a guy who wanted me to put a leash on his neck and drag him all over a busy street naked. I am open to many wild things but I would address those DMs on my private subscription platform. 

On that note, you must get a lot of attention when you’re out, what would be the best way for a guy to catch your eye and get you to actually want to engage in a conversation? Definitely eye contact and a nice smile! It makes me feel comfortable to talk to guys when they are talking to me with a nice smile and eye contact because I feel like he is interested in engaging me in conversation. English is not my first language so when I am talking to people at a party, I try to focus on listening to one person at a time. I always have more interest in guys who are not distracted and focusing on our conversation rather than looking around at other people. 

You’re absolutely incredible and we can tell you’re a driven, passionate individual, we would love to know what makes you feel sexy? I feel sexy when I am wearing a sexy evening dress with high heels and dancing to slow music! 

It’s been a pleasure getting to know more about you, we are excited to see just what you have lined up in future! Any final words to our readers on what to expect from you this year? I have been working with great visual artists since the beginning of the year so I have a lot of sexy content coming soon to my social media and private platforms! My goal for this year is to get more engaged with fans and travel to exotic locations to create more quality content. Keep your eyes on my social media for new content and offerings.

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