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with FHM Canada August 2022 cover star Shelby Doll /@playmate_shelby_doll

Photography by Brent Wiggins 

Graphic Editor @vagabond_art_photography

PR Company RATNIP PRODUCTIONS / @ratnipproductions

Such an absolute honor to have you on feature FHM! What has your journey as a successful model been like so far? Mostly, I don’t consider myself much more than an ordinary woman, doing what this world demands from all of us. I work hard, try hard, love hard and play hard. This has been a long road full of blood, sweat and tears. It’s all worth it, but it took a lot of sacrifice to get to this life of privilege. It was definitely a rags to riches and I have enjoyed every bit of it! I am full of amazing memories and friends who have lifted me up and supported my career along the way. No one does anything entirely on their own and I have been blessed with love and passion. 

We are blown away by your drive and professionalism, can you tell us what some of the things that motivate you to stay on top of your game are? What motivates me most, is my hope that my children will succeed even further than I have. The only weakness is your failure to have faith in how much you are capable of. You let all of these exterior factors scare you from success. You let the world tell you it’s ok to lose, even if you know you fell short. You excuse yourself from success because it’s easier than facing failure. You let this new world steal your grit. I don’t want it to steal my children’s grit, soon they become women, and it will become their greatest asset. I always try to lead by example. I get up, I attack my day with intention and purpose. I want to show them it’s possible to do anything you set your mind to. When I feel myself falling short and feeling lost in life, in the work, I think about how much less I could have. I think about what I have now, I think about how much I want to contribute to this world, and suddenly I am reignited.

Top 3 best moments of your career? Oh, wow. This one is tough! There have been so many amazing experiences. I have got to meet and perform for so many amazing bands, actors and great people. I wanted nothing but to see the world, research and perform. Now I tour in a bus with a trailer full of show gear, like the rockstars I dreamed of as a kid. I get paid to see this world through my performances as a professional showgirl and burlesque artist. The bonus is I get to do my historical nerd work along the way and share it all with my family. I don’t think I could pick one moment, but I could say every time we wheel up behind the venue and park the tour bus, it feels so cool to know that bands like Motley Crue and other amazing artists have sometimes parked their bus in that same spot. As we unpack our stuff from the tour trailer, it’s the best feeling in the world to see a line of folks waiting to see your show. This would be my best moment, every time, it never gets old. 

What is your favorite chill time activity? When I do get a moment to relax and sit back, I enjoy sitting on my front porch and watching the going on’s of my farm. The chickens passing by and the blue jays at my feeders. 

We are taking you out on your ultimate date and we really want to knock this one out the ballpark, what would that entail? The ultimate date is jumping in the truck, with a pack of Budweiser. Driving to the closest brook and catching some trout. Afterwards we would fry them puppies up with some butter and fiddleheads. Then we can sit back on our camping chairs over the campfire, laugh, and go on. This is the perfect date. Do not forget to bring me some Reese’s!

What are, hands down, your absolute favorite things to do? Hang out with my immediate family unit, in any capacity. Coach. Anything at my farm. 

3 ultimate deal breakers when it comes to men? No work ethic is gross, and I just can’t tolerate it. I like a man who can keep up with me, and I go, go, go! When considering romance, I also cannot stand men who are too feminine, intimately as a partner this is not for me, but you make great friends! Lastly, I think drama is a distraction and I don’t seek to have any in my life, so if you carry the gossip of town into my home, you’re not welcome to stay very long. 

You have one last chance to do something you have always wanted to do, with no limits on anything, what are you doing? I am bringing my children to see the northern lights in the Northwest Territories. 

Where would you say is your favorite place to be in the world and why? My home. I have performed in almost every single state and province. I have traveled around the world; my home is my heart. I think I developed a strong sense of appreciation of home, from touring as an artist. I love to fish and I am a hunting guide. I like to do outdoor things, work hard and labor. I enjoy my off-grid living and farm life. I am tucked away on almost 300 acres and the farm is the most beautiful place I could ever ask to live. Sometimes the best things are right in front of us. 

What is currently playing on loop on your playlist? Currently, we are preparing for our next big, sold-out tour, Hillbilly Rootz! So, I am show building. Get Rhythm by Johnny Cash, Mountain Music by Alabama, Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood & the Destroyers, Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen, and Thunderstruck by AC/DC, are the top songs that loop right now. 

Where can our readers catch up with you and stay updated with your work? Anyone that knows me well, knows that I’m not too keen on the tech world. But I do have an amazing booking agent Centerfolds Features and you can follow me on Instagram @playmate_shelby_doll

We are so happy to have gotten to know you a little bit! Any last words out there for our readers? Life is too short, live it simply. Get up on and ride the damn horse. Love hard and work your ass off. Good things will come, and bad things will happen. Get back on the damn horse and ride it again. Don’t you dare let anyone or anything stand in your way from living your best life. Live your life with grace and do it with grit!