It's a Guy Thing

Exceptional Talent!

Veronica Pahomova is a Russian-American model with several years of experience in the entertainment industry. Studying marketing communications with an interest in the gaming industry, Veronica continues to work her magic on camera, Discord and in the boardroom.

Tell us something interesting about yourself people would not ordinarily know about you? I was a drummer/percussionist for seven years and played in my high school’s marching band. 

If you weren’t a model, what would you be? I truly believe that it was in my stars to be a model, student and business woman. I love to pursue different passions because it makes my life more exciting.

Who is your celeb crush? Johnny Depp—since I was little!

What is the one thing about yourself that you wish more people knew? One thing about me that I wish more people knew would be my love for new adventures. I love traveling, playing sports and finding new creative hobbies.

What does your typical day look like? My typical day usually involves going to university, attending my extracurricular activities, and working at the new and rising tech startup, Wormhole Labs. After any responsibilities, I love to explore Los Angeles with my friends. 

When you are not busy modeling, what is your favorite thing to do? I love listening to podcasts like the Joe Rogan Experience, Selfmade, the CouRage and Nadeshot Show and Call Her Daddy, and watching streamers like Doctor Disrespect. 

Which three words best describe you? Mindful, curious and surprising!

Were you excited to shoot this feature? Of course, I was! It’s FHM—who wouldn’t be excited?

Do you have anyone special in your life and could you tell us a bit more? My super cute yet super mischievous Bengal cat, Tiger! Though with an unoriginal name, Tiger is anything but ordinary as he constantly tries to play fetch, swims in the bathtub, and jumps on top of my apartment doors.

Where to from here and what are your plans for the future? Moving forward, I plan to continue my modeling while simultaneously pursuing a career in marketing strategy and business development in the esports or innovative tech industry.