It's a Guy Thing

Dirt 5

Developer Codemasters has long been seen as the kings of racing games, from the critically acclaimed F1 series to the much-beloved Grid, it’s safe to say that Codemasters know how to create a great racing experience. Yet it’s the DIRT series that has always been the jewel in the crown for the British developer, with the first in the series having been released way back in 2007. Jump forward 13 years and DIRT 5 is a massive leap forward for the series, taking off-road racing to new heights as the genre leader looks to cement their status as kings of racing once and for all.


DIRT 5 is a bold new off-road racing experience that not only plays well but looks incredible. Codemasters have gone out of their way to push the technical specs of their latest racing game with eye-popping physics, next-gen graphics and a rock-solid 60 frames per second gameplay. It even has the option to go up to 120 FPS on the next-gen consoles. Of course, a great racing game is not just about the way it looks but the way it plays and DIRT 5 does not disappoint. The driving mechanics are on point as always, with options to go from super arcade easy style driving right down to ultra-realistic settings. There is something here for any racing fanatic. With a large number of cars to choose from and a seemingly endless amount of game modes, DIRT 5 has it all. Choose from 900bhp sprint cars, incredible rock bouncers, modern rallycross, classic rally, GT, muscle cars, trucks, buggies and more, the variety is just staggering. The game also features over 70 routes across 10 global locations – from racing on New York’s frozen East River, to under Norway’s Northern Lights and dynamic extreme weather which completely transforms the handling and gameplay feel. The amount of different experiences to drive in just goes off the scale. There is also an in-depth story mode that features voice actor legends Troy Baker and Nolan North. The player is dropped into a world-renowned off-road racing series that delivers constant extreme action, continent to continent, in all manner of amplified events. As you begin to get your feet wet and make a buzz in the racing scene, you catch the eye of Alex Janiček – better known as AJ. An undisputed superstar and fan favorite in the world of DIRT, AJ quickly takes you under his wing, showing you what it takes to rise to the top of the sport he has dominated for years. On top of that, you also get a creator mode called Playgrounds. In this new mode to the series, you are given a blank canvas and a huge suite of tools and objects, from dirt kickers, jumps and platforms, to loops, buses to leap over and rings of fire, to construct the racing arena of your dreams. The possibilities are endless for you to get creative, with three different event types to build your Playgrounds for: Gate Crasher, Gymkhana and Smash Attack!


DIRT 5 is a return to form for the series and a real step up in gameplay and visuals. Codemasters has made sure to throw everything but the kitchen sink at this entry and it truly feels like a next-gen experience. IT plays wonderful and looks incredible, what more can a racing fan ask for.