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Crushing Hard!

Meet the lovely Amanda Paris, she’s been featured in over 70 national publications having appeared on the covers of 30 magazines. In addition, she’s featured in videos alongside globally recognized music artists and national advertising campaigns alike.

Amanda has built a 1M+ person following through sharing her passion for modeling, comedic sketches, and fitness. Lately, she’s been busy building her company, @MNMLhealth, showing that she is so much more than just a pretty face. 

She’s now living in LA, building MNML Health, acting and finding new, creative ways to express herself and ideas. When she’s not filming or playing with her squirrel, she can be found on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat @MissAmandaParis, and on YouTube @AmandaParisVideos.

Amanda, you are an exceptionally accomplished lady in so many areas of your life like acting, singing, modeling and you’re a keen fitness enthusiast. Could you tell us how it all came about? By the age of 8, I was competing in beauty pageants which introduced me to the world of modeling and entertainment. Any talent contest there was, I’d be in it singing my little heart out. Fitness really came into my life once I started modeling and competing in swimsuit competitions. I realized that I had a love for it and everywhere I went I’d get questions on what I did to stay in shape. I’d especially get questions from girls about “How do I get my butt to look like yours?” Since then, I’ve always wanted to do an online fitness program because I have a passion for helping others. From there, MNML Health was born and now we’re helping tons of people lose fat while doing happy hours and enjoying life. 

What have been some of the highs and lows for you in your different endeavors? Winning Miss Bikini USA International was definitely one of my highs. There were so many talented, beautiful women and to be crowned the best out of all of them was a huge honor. Another high for me was moving to LA and getting to collaborate with some of my favorite YouTube and Vine stars. It’s crazy how one day you’re watching their videos on your couch and tagging your friends to “oh hey – you’re in them now!” When I look back on all that I have had the opportunity to experience, the lowest point that stands out for me is the one where I felt like I had to start completely over. Five years ago my 7-year relationship came to an end, I had to move back home with my mom at 28 with only what I could fit in my car. And starting over just seemed unbearable and extremely difficult. I remember calling my best friend and telling her I didn’t know how I could do it. It felt like my world had come crashing down. All I can say is that I’m thankful for every hardship that landed me here because it shaped me into the person I am today. The tough times built a level of confidence that allows me to take risks and chase my dreams.

You’re talented at so many things, acting, singing, and modeling amongst others, do you have a first love? Singing will always be my first love, but honestly, I love creating and entertaining. 

You’re obviously a really smart and business-savvy entrepreneur. Does it come naturally? Yes and no. I have always had the drive to do something big and get out of the small town I grew up in. I just always had a hunger for more and I’m not really sure where that comes from. As I have gotten older, I do believe my mom has had a lot to do with it. From a young age, she always supported me with my modeling and my dream of becoming a singer. Had she not put me in pageants as a young girl, I might not have turned out as outgoing and adventurous as I am. I think that’s helped me be at home in front of a camera or audience.

What was one of the toughest lessons you’ve learned in business? I believe in people’s actions, not their words, no matter how good their words sound.

All the industries you are involved in are incredibly competitive. How do you set yourself apart? I’ve always been myself. Human beings are interesting and none of us are alike. I believe what sets you apart is not being afraid to show all those sides of you. You hear people say it all the time, “be you!” That is the secret but it’s hard to do. Stop trying to be “perfect” or like this person or that person. Be your weird, ridiculous, silly, opinionated self. You have a unique personality unlike anyone else. Show that!

How do you manage it all? Breathe and keep moving forward. Sometimes it can get pretty crazy, but I have learned to prioritize and stay disciplined. When you are your own boss it can be hard sometimes to sit inside and edit a video for hours on end. Especially when your couch is only a few short feet away with your favorite show on Netflix just waiting for you. But that doesn’t get me closer to where I want to be, so I keep moving.

When you’re off the clock, what do you like to do when it’s just you? This is another area I have had to learn by disciplining myself and allowing myself time to rest and enjoy the fruits of my labor. As important as it is to go all-out all the time it is equally important to give yourself those breaks in between. I have found that when I allow myself that free time to step away, I come back much more refreshed and filled with new creative ideas. When it’s just me I enjoy riding my bike along the beach, hunting Pokemon, hiking, and binging tv series. 

You have an incredible energy about you, where does that come from? I’ve done a lot of work on myself over the years. I read a lot of books on self-development, the mind, self-love, relationships, etc. I have my bad days like anyone else but I’ve learned how to handle those by changing the way I think. I also believe in surrounding myself with the best people I possibly can. Good energy is real!

And the sense of humor? I think I get this from my mom. She has great comedic timing. The apple definitely didn’t fall far from the tree.

What was the funniest, cringe-worthy moment in your career? When I was competing in the Miss Missouri USA pageant, there was this giant staircase we had to go down in our evening gowns and the contestant right in front of me slipped on the train of her dress and fell all the way down the stairs on her butt. I didn’t know what to do. Do I run down and help her? Stand there and smile? We all just froze. I felt so bad for her. Because you know, at that moment she just blew her shot at the crown. And I had to pray I didn’t do the same thing. 

Okay, you have to tell us about your pet squirrel. Ahhh Squirtle! Well, two weeks before I moved to LA I was walking in downtown St. Louis and came across this baby squirrel soaked from the cold rain and shivering. She must have fallen from her nest and after a few hours, her mother hadn’t returned for her so I took her in with no clue of what on Earth to do with this little baby squirrel. After researching on Google, I found what I needed to do to care for her and the rest is history. We’ve definitely created a special bond. She loves her belly rubs and nighttime cuddles. I still can’t believe I have a squirrel but I love her so much! She is my baby.

Are there any exciting events that you will be involved in that our readers can look out for? We are officially launching our site We’re helping lots of people find permanent fat loss without compromising happy hour or burgers (every day if you’d like.) Our life first, fitness second philosophy goes against the common grain that “Fitness is a Lifestyle,” but we like it that way. Our members want to cut through the BS, drop some fat and enjoy life to the fullest. Two 20-minute workouts a week, two walks a week and two meals a day simplifies the process for busy people who have given up on diets. If that sounds good to you, then come say hi!

So Amanda, where to from here? I’m all about building my company! We’ve got several finishing touches to put on the site, especially loading up more content for our MNML member’s section. I’m looking forward to combining my love for acting and comedy with the story we’re telling at MNML. These sketches we have planned are going to be a lot of fun! 

Wanna see more? Then be sure to follow all of Amanda’s sexy adventures on Instagram @missamandaparis

Photography by Nino Batista

Makeup by Crystal Brown

Bikini: Jkinis Swimwear