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Consider a Yacht Charter in Italy

A yacht charter in Italy sounds like a dream, right? In fact, it’s becoming more of a reality with over 1,800 different companies offering rentals.

Italy has a magnificent coastline that runs to nearly 7,500 kilometres, so it’s ideal for yachting holidays. From quiet little coves to cliffs that plunge craggily into the ocean, there is much to admire from deck.

Celebrities love Italy; George Clooney is famous for owning a house there, and has been spotted onboard many yachts. If you’re looking to pick up a Victoria’s Secret model, many of them holiday here.

Drop anchor in Portofino or Sicily, and you’re just as likely to see Beyonce or one of the Jenners.

Why you should charter a yacht

The best thing about chartering a yacht is that you can have any kind of holiday you like. You can stop in all the party spots, or simply sail to quieter ports to fish and dine.

Italy has an abundance of historical sites, so you can discover plenty to keep your mind engaged. Hike to incredible lookout points, or swim in turquoise waters.

The fantastic thing is that there’s so much to offer. Italian charters give you the option to combine different activities depending on the day.

Apart from planning your own itinerary, here are some other benefits:

  • You don’t need to share your space with strangers
  • You can have a qualified chef onboard, which means phenomenal meals
  • No queuing for meals while onboard
  • Change location daily, unlike a hotel, which is fixed
  • Always have an amazing ocean view
  • Personalisation – the crew will remember your likes/dislikes
  • Discover locations not accessible by road
  • Sunbathe in peace onboard, or in quiet coves with no one else around

Families also love yacht charters, as there’s space for the kids to play and swim. Most yachts come equipped with toys for water sports – which the not so young can use too!

Where should you drop anchor?

If you’re flying into Naples, then you’re in for a treat. You have a number of options when sailing from Naples:

  1. The Amalfi Coast

This is where you can see pastel houses lining the cliffs, and colourful fishing boats along the shore. Look back as you leave port to get some iconic photos of the flowers in full bloom.

Things to do:

  • Enjoy a mouth-watering seafood meal in Positano
  • Hike along the Path of the Gods, the Sentiero degli Dei, which provides spectacular vistas over the Tyrrhenian Sea
  • See the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, with its fantastic Byzantine architecture
  • Phlegraean Islands

This stylish archipelago is well known with tourists, but from a yacht you can experience the best of it. Four islands sit in the Bay of Naples:

  • Ischia
  • Procida
  • Vivara
  • Nisida

Ischia is well known for many reasons. ‘The Talented Mr Ripley’ was filmed here, and it has many spas that offer mineral bathing treatments.

Stop in Procida’s picturesque marina and admire the incredible nature and architecture of the island. There’s a footbridge to Vivara from here, which is a volcanic curved island with only one building on it.

The seascapes from Nisida are amazing, and it’s also home to the Italian Navy. The volcanic island also houses plenty of young criminals in probably the most beautiful juvenile detention centre on earth!

Things to do:

  • Have a thermal bath at one of Ischia’s many spas, taking advantage of the geysers
  • Sail around the sea grottoes
  • Stroll through the historic centre of Procida, Italy’s capital of culture 2022

The Tuscan Archipelago

Head further north along the coast and the landscape changes dramatically. You can charter a yacht from Viareggio and there are many ports along the Tuscan coast to stop.

Known for its wine and food, Tuscany is truly a place where you’ll find some of the best on earth. Whether you simply want to indulge in gourmet pleasures, or history, it’s easy in this region.

Things to do:

  • Moor at the Marina de Pisa, to see the famous leaning tower
  • Explore Elba, where Napoleon was exiled in the early 19th century
  • Walk up to the Castello di Punto Ala, built by the Medici’s in the 16th century

Porto Santo Stefano is another well-frequented port on the Tuscan coast, which has a fantastic aquarium.

A variety of exciting options

With so many delightful options along this lengthy coastline, pages could be devoted to where to stop. Here’s a round-up of a few other great options in Italy:


This island has absolutely incredible beaches, and the temperatures to enjoy them. The beautiful town of Porto Cervo has food and wine festivals throughout the year.


Located on the Adriatic Coast, this historic city was once a great trading hub in the Hapsburg Empire. The Trieste Roman Theatre, which dates to 33 B.C. is worth a tour, as it has been very well preserved.


The largest island in the Med, Sicily offers some great sailing and a real adventure for seafarers. Mount Etna is the main attraction here, but there is also stunning architecture and museums.

Rich in beauty and history

No matter where you choose to point your yacht in Italy, you won’t be disappointed. There are so many reasons why people return year on year and only feel like they have scratched the surface.

Chartering a yacht lets you see more of the coast than would be possible in a week on land. Find out what la dolce vita really is on an Italian yacht charter.