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 with FHM France October 2022 cover star Jessica Monaco / @goddessjessicamonaco

Photography by Alec Fasani / @alecfasani.photographer 

MUA Andre Ribeiro / @oandreribeiro

PR: LSA / @leo.alserman / @lsapublications 

Such an absolute honour to have you on FHM! What are you currently working on? Thank you so much for inviting me back to France this time, it’s an honour!   I’ve recently returned from a wonderful summer adventure around Europe.  I did lots of fashion photography shoots.   I’m so excited to see the pictures.  My girlfriend and I based ourselves in Milan with friends and visited some wonderful places for our holidays.  An unexpected fun and memorable season.  I’m also working with The London based actors & film directors @andrewlovedayoffical  @nicknevern &  Terry Stone, the team behind the notorious British Foot Soldier action movie series. These wonderful gentlemen are such fun to work with.  They have been mentoring my future acting career.  I’m truly gracious for their support & encouragement.  I will be participating in one of their next productions.   Pat Tate Two days of blood is the next to be filmed this year, staring the award-winning Craig Fairbrass.  My life so far has been somewhat of an action movie so why not appear in one! I’m currently keen to learn something new. When I find what I really enjoy and excel at I’d love to start a business, and one day have a restaurant named after myself.   I would incorporate the finest  ingredients, flavours and dishes I have experienced from around the world ! 

What is your idea of a really good time? I like beaches.  Especially with good friends, incorporate champagne and seafood.  Why not include a beautiful boat and stunning sunset in that scene.  The perfect way to relax….   I also love attending high profile sporting and media events.  Playing tennis & sailing are a passion of mine, along with sea swimming.  

Top 3 best moments of your career? Coming 3rd in Miss Great Britain in my early modelling career was the first.  Both my parents and family are very proud of me. Travelling the world alone & ending up gracing the front covers of some of the world’s favourite magazines unexpectedly.  Seeing my publications for the first time was surreal and empowering. Attending the London Academy of Radio Film and TV school at a young age.  This gave me great confidence to go on to perform as a professional dancer on some of the world’s finest stages.  This past valuable education will lead me to be cast in future Television and film productions let’s see what the future holds.   When Plan A hasn’t   worked out in my life, plan B has always transpiredeven better than I could ever have imagined.  I am a very grateful yet ambitious individual who will never give up.   

What would you say is your signature look? I prefer the classic look.  Fast fashion doesn’t suit me.   I love the way luxurious fabrics drape and feel against my skin.  I enjoy fashion shows, looking forwards to attending Surrey fashion week coming up soon.  I have collected many Balmain pieces, I’m exploring further afield with a currently exploding wardrobe.  A bigger home is definitely needed…

What is the fastest way to get a smile on your face?  Send a donation for rescue dogs to the not-for-profit cause @k9angels that I am a patron and official fundraiser for.   My team are my friends.  There are several of us that volunteer and do what we can to improve the life of street dogs especially in Europe.  Thousands of animals have been rescued by this small & dedicated charity.  It deserves more support and recognition.  Another organisation I highly respect is the @soidogfoundation based In Thailand They rescue dogs from the Asian dog meat trade which needs to stop immediately!  Every life counts.  Get involved and help make a difference. I had a very humble upbringing.  My good parents taught me always to put others first, which I continue to demonstrate. Dogs are my priority.  If I can help I always will! 

What are some of your favourite outdoor activities? Apart from running, yoga and tennis, I love sunshine, sailing, sea swimming and hiking.  You may well know I’ve completed many sporting challenges for the benefit of rescue dogs and would love to do more. 

3 ultimate deal breakers when it comes to men? Ultimately, false promises & being disingenuous.   Timewaster’s that led women on.  Lastly poor hygiene! 

Never have I ever…Done a Skye Dive.  I’ve been contemplating it for 7 long years.  Perhaps it’s time to take the plunge for a worthy purpose like rescue dogs abroad…  I’m in need of some positive friendly persuasion to take on this extreme challenge!  Feel free to make any suggestions & be sure to sponsor my efforts when I do.  Thanks in advance.  

Top 3 myth busters when it comes to models? Modelling is easy! it takes hard work, effort, and time to complete shoots & events.  When creating content for the benefit of public entertainment.  We put in a lot of thought and planning behind the scenes

That we are dumb.  Most of us are educated, accomplished women with degrees.  All models are intelligent.  Why not utilise your specific looks and personality additionally to make the world a colourful and more interesting atmosphere.  We can’t all be office workers police or bus drivers…. 

That you have to be tall & skinny.   I will not starve myself for anyone & neither should anyone else!  Our bodies fluctuate naturally.  Let’s stay happy, healthy and body positive.  All shapes and sizes are celebrated & desired, there are many more opportunities for people in the industry these days, it’s fantastic.   Do not label or judge another, their appearance or choices, it is unacceptable and politically incorrect.  Have respect for every human being.  After all it’s what’s inside those counts.

What is the best way to approach you as an admirer? Send me a romantic gift and a note to really get my attention.  I would love to be taken for lunch and a shopping trip for a beautiful gift.  I’ve never been spoilt and worked hard for everything I possess.   If I have a secret admirer, please make yourself known?  I’m single, happy and ready for a romance. 

Where can our readers catch up with you and stay updated with your work?   Follow my Instagram page @goddessjessicamonaco Make sure to join my official fanclub jessicamonaco to follow my day-to-day adventures as a model. 

We are so happy to have gotten to know you a little bit! Any last words out there for our readers? Thank you to all of the kind fans, friends & followers that have taken an interest, supported & motivated me in the past few years.   I have found strangers can be your biggest supporters.  I have to mention my number 1 devoted fan only know as the @ppelican721 He works hard to run my @jessica_monaco_fanage on Instagram. Show him some appreciation and get following.  Stay happy, helpful & blessed everyone.