It's a Guy Thing


An in-depth interview with the ever-lovely Nicole Procyk

By: Vikki Lenola

Photography: Jay Tablante, Hello Kitty set by Adrian Richard

HMUA: Jopie Sanchez

What are 3 things you can’t live without? The gym, my loved ones, and airplanes.

When a man is taking you on a dinner date, how do you prefer him to dress? I’m not too specific on exactly what a man wears as long as he’s clean and well put together. I like when a man looks like he cares about himself, it shows that he’s not lazy which I picture him being in all aspects of life. I do however love matching tracksuits for casual dates and suits are always sexy when applicable!

What’s the best compliment a man can give you? I love it when a man tells me I have good energy, am ambitious and/or talented. I enjoy being complimented on my personality and work ethic the most. Of course, I don’t hate men complimenting my looks but I prefer when people recognize things I work hard for like my crafts, it means the most.

How would you describe your diet and exercise regime? Well first off, I’m plant-based and follow a vegan diet. I also try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and keep carbs to a minimum though I am not afraid to enjoy myself because balance is key to a healthy lifestyle! As for exercise I have periods where I am training various styles of dance in a dance studio such as heels or jazz but I’m always lifting weights when the gym is open of course. I found weight lifting life-changing for me! It makes me feel strong mentally, physically and emotionally. I still have a long fitness journey ahead of me but I never plan to stop! This 2020 I’m planning to start boxing, pole dancing and am trying to do more yoga!

What inspired your diet and exercise regime? Have you always been fit? I was never over-weight. I naturally have an athletic body type but I started getting into dancing at age 10 and did cross country as a teenager so I’d say I’ve been athletic for the majority of my life. However, as a teenager I developed a fatal eating disorder where I was very malnourished. After years of hospitalizations, therapy and healing I turned to weight lifting. It helped me let out negative feelings in a healthy way, and it feels amazing to be able to be strong and get your body where you want it in a way that benefits you for a lifetime. After a while, you have to realize self-love is the best and you deserve to be healthy and happy.

How have you been staying fit during the pandemic, any tips for our readers? I have been exercising at home. I do have several free weights at home. I bought ankle weights where I go for long walks on, go for jogs, skip, do yoga videos online and I just ordered some boxing gloves that I’m excited to try out! Honestly, I am personally more motivated being in a gym so it has been harder for me but I am doing my best and that’s enough. My tip would be to not beat yourself up if you’re not necessarily being as physically active, because this pandemic is not an easy time for everyone but it’s not an eternity and soon it will be over. I also find that there’s a big fear around weight gain during this pandemic that can make unhealthy relationships with food. It’s okay to enjoy food and find comfort in snacking especially at times like this. We all still need to eat and have more compassion towards ourselves. Remember, balance is key and we aren’t always going to be on our a-game. Forgive yourself, love yourself and take it a day at a time.

You’re known to be a mental health advocate. How do you think quarantine has been affecting people’s mental health? What can they do to keep their mental health in good shape? I think that the quarantine is most definitely affecting people’s mental health. We all have different circumstances but many of us like myself aren’t used to spending so much time alone and in our own heads. It’s easy to spend the day overthinking and getting down on yourself. I did that for the first bit of quarantine. But now I’m trying to use my time wisely, make lists of things I would like to do to give me some sort of structure. I’m also using this time to allow myself to enjoy a break and relax because we all deserve it sometimes. Moreover, there’s many types of traumatic situations people can be in right now and there’s definitely many hotlines and online services that are free to the public. I’d advise anyone in a dangerous situation or seeking therapy to not be afraid to reach out, because your life is worth it!

Any plans for post-quarantine life? Post quarantine I have some acting projects and modeling projects coming up so stay tuned for those! But I’m a huge jet setter and can’t wait to get on a plane and travel again! And also, to hug my loved ones!