It's a Guy Thing

Belle of the Ball

Mattie Spears

Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself Mattie? I’m a southern belle from a small county called Crawfordville, Florida. I was raised doing a lot of fishing, hunting, and outdoor activities. I have always loved traveling so exploring the world has been a gift that has shown me who I am. I’m a free spirit and my friends have always considered me the light of the party, not in a crazy way, just that I set a positive vibe for everyone everywhere I go. I guess you could say I’m an old soul.

What was your initial reaction when you were chosen to shoot for FHM? When I found out I was chosen for FHM I couldn’t contain my excitement! I have always looked up to models on the cover of FHM and it makes me feel so proud to be in the same shoes, I couldn’t be more blessed to have this opportunity.

Can you tell us about your photoshoot, and what it was like shooting in the desert? The desert shoot was definitely one for the books! This was my first time stepping foot into the desert and we had so much fun doing the photoshoot, and my photos turned out so beautiful! I am so thankful to work with such an awesome and motivating team.

What is the one thing about yourself that you wish more people knew? That I am a country girl. Just because I do glamorous photos and dress nice everyone always assumes that I am a preppy model, but really, I am down to earth and I don’t mind getting dirty!

What is your typical day like as a model? My typical day is most likely like everyone else’s. I wake up drink a cup of joe, play with my puppies and get ready before going to the gym (health is so important). I spend my day prioritizing and working on things I need to get done and future projects I plan to achieve. I believe every day is an opportunity to better myself physically and mentally, so I try my hardest to always take full advantage of it.

How do you stay in such amazing shape Mattie? I eat healthy. Your diet is a huge step in your everyday appearance, it helps your skin, physical appearance, and overall energy. I try to go to the gym a minimum of 5 days a week, it makes me feel more awake, energized, and accomplished with my day.

Can you describe your favorite place to travel and why? My favorite place to travel that I have been to so far would have to be Bali, Indonesia. The residents on the island are so caring and have such beautiful souls, I have never felt so at home so far away!

What would your ideal date night with the perfect guy be like? My perfect date would be somewhere with live music. I love to dance and listen to live bands outside in a laid back restaurant or even out in a park, anywhere with music and positive vibes.

Can you describe to our readers what you look for in a guy, should he be more of an active and outgoing athlete or more of a successful business-minded intellectual type? I would have to say he has to be in the middle. I want a guy who is outgoing, funny and cares about his mental and physical wellbeing. At the same time, I always wanted a man who is driven to be successful, reaching his goals in business.

What is your number one turn-on and turn-off when meeting a man for the first time? Number one turn on would be style! I love when a man knows how to dress and has a very professional but bad boy image. My number one turn off would be cockiness or no manners. I was raised very strictly on manners, so it is a big deal to me.

Can you tell us what it’s like living in Florida? Florida is beautiful, I will always be a Florida girl at heart, I hate the cold! I enjoy being able to wear my bikini during the winter months and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Photography by Brian B. Hayes – @brianbhayes_photo