It's a Guy Thing

Actress, Model, Singer & Writer 

with FHM Canada October 2022 cover star Natalia Nikolaeva

Natalia Nikolaeva is an up and coming Hollywood actress, singer and writer. She began as a model in Europe and Asia, and was a contestant of “Miss Universe” and “Mrs. World” beauty pageants. Now she is successfully developing her acting career in the USA, starring in TV and feature films, and we caught her in a burning Nevada desert, where she landed from the sky, to get an interview. 

 Such an absolute honour to have you on FHM! What are you currently working on? Thank you! I feel really excited to be on the cover of such a legendary magazine. I am currently working on several projects. A feature film called “Dark Feather” is a gripping detective story where my heroine goes through an interesting experience of transformation and discovery of her sexuality. I’m also preparing a one-woman show based on my texts.

Tell us more about the photo session you have in our magazine? It’s fascinating! It took place at the Burning Man festival in Nevada. I decided to try on the image of a fallen angel. They’re usually feared by many and loved by few. I think that’s unfair. I believe that a fallen angel has a personality, some dramatic features, and a lot of power. I was there with a friend, a great photographer and videographer Larisa Rubin. When we are together, the most creative ideas come to life.

Tell us more about your roles in recent films? This year I have played in five American films and one musical – yes, I also acted on stage in Los Angeles. My heroines are very diverse – from a nurse in a World War II military hospital to a teacher in an American school. I like to undergo transformations, to live different lives. That’s the real happiness of being an actress.

What role do you remember the most? In the musical «The Castle of Desires» I played the lead role of Passion, that very entity that takes over people’s minds and makes them do irrational and unreasonable things. It was one of the few truly negative characters in my artistic biography, and I really enjoyed unleashing that energy, as well as singing and dancing on stage.

What genre of cinema are you most interested in working in? I would very much like to try myself in a psychological thriller, as well as to play a witty character role in a comedy. Maybe in something like classic Italian films. I’ve always felt an affinity to the characters of Sophia Loren or Anna Magnani. And I also think I might be a great Wonder Woman!

Top 3 best moments of your career? “Miss Universe” in Thailand – participation in the world’s most prestigious beauty contest was a huge success for me and opened new doors. “Taste of the pomegranate”, a Russian-Turkish TV series where I played the main role. This project was the first to give me a feeling of what is called fame. “Raid for Saipan” is my first American movie which was also filmed in Thailand. It will premiere on November, 25.

What would you say is your signature look? My signature look in clothes is either total black or bohemian eclectic. Robes, kimonos, capes, long dresses, and hats – I have a huge collection of them. And – my smile, of course!

What is the fastest way to get a smile on your face? All girls love compliments, and I am no exception.

3 ultimate deal breakers when it comes to men? As far as I know, there are few things that might be really disappointing: 1. When men promise a lot and do little. Actions always speak louder than words. 2. When man is being petty and immature. With this approach woman will never feel safe enough to be in her best. 3. Also when a man has many bad habits and addictions. I like people who lead a healthy lifestyle.

Never have I ever… jumped with a parachute. I’ve done most of the other extreme things in my life.

Top 3 myth busters when it comes to actress? The myth that if a woman is an actress, she knows how to deceive. A good actress is, first of all, a person who is in touch with her feelings and tells the truth. Only in this case she can be so convincing in a role that the viewer believes her. Or that actresses are selfish and think only of themselves. In my opinion, empathy is one of the most important qualities for this profession. That is the ability to show deep compassion and to feel other people, which is the opposite of selfishness. Or that the acting profession is very easy. It isn’t at all. Learning how to act and mastering the acting techniques alone usually take several years. And it also requires willpower, self-belief, the ability to focus, communication skills, and even learning the basics of doing business. So a real actress needs to have so many skills and qualities that she could be called a superwoman.

Where can our readers ran into you and stay updated with your work? In the fall of 2022, three American films with my participation will be released; and I post announcements on my Instagram – @natalia.nikolaeva_. As for Los Angeles, where I live, I enjoy being by ocean, on meditative and spiritual gatherings, on sunset hiking in Ranyon Canyon, and in restaurants and cafes that serve Russian and Ukrainian food. One of my favorites is Grandmas Deli, or Cafe Babushka, as we call it among ourselves. The owner is Kostya, a great musician from Odessa. There is a grand piano in the cafe, and often when I stop by for a coffee or a home-cooked meal, Kostya sits down at the piano, plays jazz, and we sing songs from the Nina Simone or Ella Fitzgerald repertoire.

We are so happy to have gotten to know you a little bit! Any last words out there for our readers? You know, I wish everyone, men and women, to be more creative and free-spirited. Do what you have always wanted to do, no matter how weird it may seem. May we all just inspire each other with our incredible artistic ideas, that we are daring to make come true! This is what fills our lives with true joy, and gives us the sense of purpose.