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4 Entertainment Forms That Are More Convenient in the Digital Era

Content consumption is at an all-time high. Ever since the pandemic, people developed a habit of consuming most of their information from the internet, as well as all of their entertainment. Sure, at the time, everyone had to stay indoor, but even when they were done and allowed to go out, most just kept their digital content consumption at the same level.

Now, it’s not just about the new formats, the podcasts, etc. It’s also about the older forms of entertainment like playing video games, betting, reading, and watching shows. Even that has evolved in the digital era. Here’s how it’s made more convenient and what makes it more appealing.

1. Casino games

Instead of dragging yourself across town or traveling to a different state, all you have to do in order to play a gambling game is get one of the casino apps offering instant access, and that’s it. All you have to do is take out your phone and start an app. 

You don’t have to commit hours upon hours; you can just play a spin or two while sitting in the waiting room or taking public transportation, then log out.

Moreover, there are no casino tricks being played on you. There are no rooms without clocks and windows to make you forget about the time and no free drinks to get you drunk enough to make bad judgments. All there is is the game, and you have a much better chance of staying level-headed while you play.

The best part is that you have so many different options. Sure, there’s no shortage of casinos in this country, but switching casinos is a major commitment. It takes you to leave and go someplace else, committing to a commute that you don’t need. With a casino app, all you have to do is download another one. Registering and downloading barely take a few minutes, which means that you get to explore as many options as you like with minimal commitment. 

Most importantly, cost control is a lot easier this way. Automating your digital spending is a lot easier. You’ll get restriction notifications or, in most cases, only have the money available in the account to play with.

Overall, you get more control. 

2. Watching shows

Watching a show is a lot easier now that each streaming service has its own app. All you need is a device, any device, and an account. That’s it; you have each show on that app available.

The best thing about this way of watching shows is the ability to customize the experience completely. You can start with any season and any episode you like. You can replay, rewind, or binge the entire show in a matter of days. 

These platforms also have many quality-of-life improvements. First, they allow you to pick up where you left off (even across different devices). Second, they autoplay the next episode, which is so convenient when you’re binging and easily cancellable when you’re not. Lastly, they allow you to skip an intro. Epic as it may be while binging, it loses a bit of its charm.

Even in the case of geo-restrictions, you can just get yourself a VPN and play the show either way. Now, keep in mind that, in the past, cultural sensitivity and political correctness weren’t as big of a thing as they are today. This means that you shouldn’t be surprised to find an episode or two pulled from the streaming service completely.

The biggest problem is that, unlike with Netflix in the old days, there’s no monopoly. This means that the shows you’re likely interested in might be spread across multiple platforms. So, you have to do your research on where your favorite shows are, perhaps even switch a platform every now and again.

3. Video games

Gaming has never been more convenient, and that’s both a blessing and a curse. First of all, you have the availability to so many games that you’ll be facing a paradox of choice. This is a scenario where you just play a game for a while, then, if you don’t like it in the first few minutes, you just drop it and play someone else.

Back in the CD/DVD era, you had a game, and you played the life out of it. After all, this is something new and there’s nothing else for you to play.

We spend so much time on this nostalgia trip because it’s literally the only downside of modern gaming—and it’s not even a downside.

Platforms like Steam, EPIC, and GOG always have sales. Their algorithms (in suggesting games based on your previous experience) are pretty accurate, and they’re user-friendly. Moreover, they give you an easy way to support the game developers that you would have otherwise never heard of. 

There are so many games for every single console out there. It’s pretty easy to find a game for your PC, mobile phone, Nintendo Switch, PS, Xbox, and more. The bottom line is that you have so much choice, and the only challenge lies in finding the game that’s actually worth your time. This, however, is something that only you can decide on. 

4. Reading

A lot of people love reading for its ritualistic purpose. They like the smell of a new book (even more that of an old book). They like feeling the texture of a page under their fingertips and they love the look of posting the photo of them reading on Instagram.

You can get none of these things on the screen. 

What you can get is the entire library in your pocket. All you need to do is download the right file on your phone or get the right app.

Now, you can read on your computer or, more efficiently, on your phone. Some might even want to consider buying an e-book reader. These devices are more convenient, with larger screens and better anti-glare effects. Some even make the pages look like real paper. 

When you add to the equation all the audiobooks and the fact that listening to them is more convenient while driving, doing chores, or even showering, what you get is even more convenient. Not to mention that everyone is made for a different medium. You might just not be a visual type, but does this mean that you should forsake the literature as a whole? Of course not!

You’re not even limited to books or e-books. Instead, you can read blog posts about interesting topics, case studies, or interviews with celebrities and even serial killers. The amount of available content is simply astounding and it’s all on the tips of your fingers. 

Entertainment is more available and more convenient than before

Ultimately, it’s all about what’s convenient and available. You’ll read the newspapers if your phone is dead. In fact, if you forget your phone when you go to the bathroom, you might even read the declaration on the shampoo bottle. However, while you still have a screen of any kind, this is your primary source of entertainment. These are the four reasons why.