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3 Things That Make Derek Moneyberg A Wealth Coach You Can’t Ignore

“Building wealth is a skill just like any other,” says Derek Moneyberg.

The globe travelling wealth coach has reached celebrity-level status for the superior results he is helping his clients realize.

His lifestyle is one that any adventure-loving man would be wise to model. All year round, he jets around the globe, hitting up every major city several times over, teaching ambitious minds to build an arsenal of pragmatic wealth-building weapons.

Through his training programs and wealth coaching, Moneyberg has helped thousands of people from all over the world begin their journey to success and accelerate their progress along the path.

Here are three of Moneyberg’s pillar wealth-building principles that you can use to fuel your rise too:

You Can’t Do It Alone. You Don’t Want To Do It Alone.

Derek challenges you to “Think back to who you were 10 years ago. Take your current age, subtract 10, and then really envision who you were 10 years back” (cue the mystical dream sequence whirling chimes).

“Think about where you were at in your life. What did you know about money? How much money did you think you would have after 10 years? How confident were you that you would get to that level of wealth?”

Now, when most of us do this exercise, we remember being DUMB. During 10 years of life, you learn A LOT, and as the years tick by, your wisdom swells. 10 years ago, we all had NO IDEA what it WOULD REALLY TAKE to build big wealth.

But, as with most things, hindsight is 20/20 and back 10 years ago we all thought we were smart, and that we would surely have a million bucks in another decade.

We were wrong.

“Now, project yourself forward 10 years and look back on yourself RIGHT NOW. Is the current you super smart? Do you REALLY know how to build wealth? Of course you don’t, unless you’ve already done it.”

This exercise is designed to give you perspective and highlight the importance of surrounding yourself with those who have travelled the path before you, finding those who can show you the way, and saving yourself decades of failure and stagnation.

Where Do You Start? Wherever You’re At.

Building yourself up from the ground is not an easy journey. Derek worked like a maniac all his life to make his dreams come true. This is what makes him a world-class wealth coach; he has a lifetime of lessons to share, and his knowledge runs the spectrum from making his first million to making his first million in A DAY.

Remember, even the smallest steps will get you where you want to go, so long as you don’t die along the way. Watch for the danger and keep moving.

Honesty & Truth Trump All

If you know Derek, you know that he is incredibly blunt and straightforward in his communication. He has zero hesitation in telling it like it is.

Along with this, he harbors a disdain for political correctness and all who frame their communication with it.

He contends, “If you’re concerned with pushing your communication through a PC filter, or if you are worried about hurting someone’s feelings, you’re essentially lying. You aren’t getting your message across. You aren’t speaking your truth, and no one is going to like or respect you. Why? Because they don’t know WHO YOU REALLY ARE. They only know a wishy-washy watered-down version of you.”

Moneyberg is not afraid to bare his truth, struggles, and fears. He’s proud of his story, and has no problem sharing because all the steps and missteps have helped shape him into who he is.

These three Moneyberg keys are just a taste of the globe-trotting wealth coach’s curriculum. To get an even deeper education, you can find more Moneyberg wealth wisdom on his Instagram @derekmoneyberg